Billionaire God of War Chapter 2394

Chapter 2394

“Ah!” Darius screamed. Before he could get himself to his feet, Ethan stomped on his chest, pinning him against the ground.

More blood spluttered out of Darius’s mouth. He could feel the energy in his body draining away, leaving him utterly immobile and trapped under Ethan’s foot.

I’m doomed. I can’t believe that Ethan wields such formidable strength. How could I be so foolish to provoke a man like him?

Although he only planned to pit Ethan against Greedy Wolf, he ended up being the one who got the short end of the stick.

“Please spare my life,” Darius begged pleadingly. “I wasn’t the one who hurt your daughter. It was Greedy Wo-”


Ethan backhanded Darius across the cheek so hard that his tooth flew out.

“Do you take me for an idiot? Did you think that I didn’t know you tried to make me fight Greedy Wolf? I would have been willing to let you go if you hadn’t involved my daughter!” Ethan sneered coldly. “I’ll never spare anyone who has crossed that line.”

Mercilessly, Ethan stomped on Darius’s head as fresh blood splattered all across the floor.

The grisly sight would have left anyone quaking in fear.

Darius had never expected that his plan would have cost him his life as Ethan did not hesitate to end it.

With that, Ethan turned around and left Darius’s bloody corpse on the ground.

Everyone was terror-stricken when they heard how Ethan massacred Darius’s mighty army.

When they caught wind of Darius’s death, all of their motivation and hopes crumbled into dust.

Although Darius was dead, Ethan remained as relentless as ever.

His seething rage wasn’t just directed toward Darius. It was aimed toward everyone who was involved in this incident. They must all pay for what they did to my daughter.

Ethan began his killing spree throughout the Underworld.

Amongst the 18 Courts, he caused bloodshed in seven of them.

Ethan’s ferocity was much more terrifying than Greedy Wolf’s for he showed no mercy to anyone. In a short amount of time, he’d turned the Underworld into a living hell.

Vinny and the rest of the survivors trembled in fear. How could the outcome turn out like this?

When Greedy Wolf first escaped, they had rejoiced. But in hindsight, things might have taken a turn for the better. If Greedy Wolf were still here, Ethan might not have been able to attack the Underworld.

Vinny and the rest could only watch helplessly from afar. None of them were brave enough to stand in the way of Ethan’s wrath.

Under Ethan’s slaughter, a river of blood flowed across the floor.

Everywhere they looked, mountains of corpses littered the ground. Occasionally, they’d catch sight of severed limbs. The sight was so horrifying that their legs threatened to give away.

Furthermore, Ethan was the only person behind all these deaths.

“F-Fortunately, his daughter his unharmed. If not, we would have been dead at his feet.”

As Ethan made his way over to the Court Chiefs, they couldn’t help but tremble in fear. They were afraid that Ethan was about to take his anger out on them too.

Contrary to their expectations, Ethan did not lift a finger against them.

After all, he wasn’t someone to shed blood without reason. He’d murdered everyone involved in this incident. This massacre would serve as a grim reminder to those who ever tried to provoke him.

Ethan gave them a brief glance before he turned around and left.

Peter Pan was waiting for him at the entrance of the Underworld.

He knew that Ethan had journeyed to the Underworld to deliver a lesson. He must have fulfilled his wish.

“Let’s go.” Without any delay, Ethan led Peter Pan and Kye away from the Underworld.

This time, they had confirmed Kye’s identity. However, it might lead to a great disaster.

I need to think of a way to solve this problem. If I don’t, more trouble might come.

It wasn’t until Ethan’s silhouette vanished into the distance that everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Oh boy, we have just escaped death.

On the contrary, most of the Underworld’s citizens were not so fortunate.

Although Ethan had left, Vinny was still terrified out of his wits. After all, Ethan had slaughtered all of the Court Chiefs involved in this incident. Vinny was the sole person he did not touch. Why did he spare me?


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