Billionaire God of War Chapter 2395

Chapter 2395

He thought he was only spared because of oversight from Ethan, but it was only then he realized that could not be further from the truth.

Ethan spared his life on purpose. He had mixed feelings about it, and he was also confused. Why did he spare me? For what? He could not figure out his intention, but at the very least, leaving with his life intact was a good sign.

“Where is Greedy Wolf?” someone asked, sounding irascible and irritated. “How could he run away from this? He’s Demon King, the king of the Underworld! But now he escapes like a coward and allows an outsider to rampage on our turf.”

“He is certainly no match for Ethan. I see that now. We should lie low from now on and bide our time until the next opportunity appears.”

“That was a horrifying spectacle. That man’s power is on a whole other level. How did he do that?”

Vinny did not take part in the discussion. He stayed silent for the whole time and left with his men. He did not know where Greedy Wolf went, but one thing was for sure—Greedy Wolf did not escape with his tail between his legs. He might not be as powerful as Ethan, but his cunning is second to none.

Archie was starting to get worried. At that moment, he had a feeling that Greedy Wolf was the most terrifying person he had ever met.

Their plan was to use Ethan to wipe Greedy Wolf out, but in retrospect, their plan backfired horribly. Greedy Wolf might have played along and used Ethan to wipe out those in the Underworld who would betray him. This would no doubt work to his own benefit.

It was as if the only players in the game were Ethan and Greedy Wolf, while everyone else was nothing but pawns on the chess board.

When he started putting all the pieces together, Vinny realized that if he hadn’t pledged his loyalty to Greedy Wolf in time, he would be among the mountain of corpses that day as well.

While the people were still engaged in a heated discussion, the very person in question—Greedy Wolf—was still hiding in the Underworld. However, he was in another palace hidden deep in the Underworld.

The palace was different from the other places. It looked more ancient, and the sheet of dust on the floor was proof that it had been ages since the palace last saw any visitors.

Greedy Wolf stood within, staring at the sculptures on the stone wall. “Are you still doing fine?” he asked, his voice raspy, but also Demon Kingishly seductive. “It seems that the time for your return is nigh at hand.”

He suddenly froze up and, for some inexplicable reason, started choking himself. However, that was not the most bizarre part. Weirdly enough, his other hand tried to stop him, and he started engaging in a battle with himself.

Veins started popping on his neck as he tried to strangle himself to death.

“Ah, I see that you desire to kill me. It is… overwhelming,” the voice of Demon King said. “But if you were to vanquish me, you shall be killing yourself in the process. You and I share the same body. If I die, then you shall fade away as well. If it is your wish to live, then you must keep me alive. Do I make myself clear?”

The hand that was throttling Greedy Wolf’s neck slowly loosened up, and his eyes regained their clarity as if Demon King’s soul had retired deep into the depths of the mind.

“We shall meet again,” Demon King said.

Greedy Wolf started wobbling violently, and he plopped down onto the ground. A long, long while later, he opened his eyes again, but this time, his own persona had taken back the control of his body.

There was fury on his face, but also frustration and indignity. Greedy Wolf knew that Demon King had taken control of his body again, even if it was for only a moment.

The memories were still intact, and he could still remember everything vividly. He saw himself, but he could not control his own body. Demon King was in full control, and the feeling was indescribable.

Now that he and Demon King shared the same body, killing him meant killing himself as well. However, if he did not get rid of the soul that Demon King had implanted in his body, he would be swallowed up in the end as well.

He could not do anything to rid himself of that piece of soul either, for Demon King would know about it. He could see through Greedy Wolf’s every single thought. If he tried to come up with a way to kill Demon King, it would be known in an instant. It was like a spy had taken residence in his mind and was privy to everything he was thinking.

“D*mn!” Greedy Wolf cursed.

He thought he had gotten rid of Demon King’s soul back in Heavenly Palace, but he never expected a sliver of it to remain in his body.

This b*stard here must be eyeing my body now. He wishes to take full control someday.

“Greedy Wolf!” someone suddenly called out to him from behind. “Are you alright, Greedy Wolf?”


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