Billionaire God of War Chapter 2397

Chapter 2397

“I will purge you from my body! This body belongs to me and me alone!” he roared as he told Demon King’s soul that the body belonged to him. He would not let anyone take over.

However, Greedy Wolf knew that Demon King’s soul was one and the same with him. If Demon King were to die, he would be dragged down as well. It would be a near-impossible task to purge Demon King’s soul and keep his own intact.

To make things worse, he needed Demon King’s power to reach his own goal. Obviously, it was a dangerous move on his part. If he made even a single false move, he would fall to his doom, fading forever from the face of this world.

If the worst case scenario were to come, Celaine leaving him would be the best choice for her.

Greedy Wolf slowly calmed down, but not because he found peace. It was as if a void was starting to form in his soul as something from beyond the abyss slowly sucked everything out of him. He became a cold, heartless version of himself like he was nothing but a machine.

And then he disappeared.

At the same time, the remaining Court Chiefs were gathered in the court of Demon King. They had to come up with a plan for their ensured survival after the catastrophe that had taken place.

Ethan had killed half of the Underworld’s Court Chiefs, and they suffered a far bigger loss in their soldiers.

Ethan was like a one-man army who took out half of the Underworld’s forces all by himself. Even so, none of them had the courage to exact vengeance, for they knew that would only result in one, singular outcome—the total annihilation of the Underworld.

A grim, somber air hung in the atmosphere. None of them ever expected the Underworld to shrink so much in a single day, nor did they ever imagine a mortal to attain such mighty strength. Calling him a one-man army might even be an understatement.

“Well? Does anyone have any idea what we should do now?”

“We need to have a leader. Someone who can unify us. It is important… No, crucial to reinstate order among us. If Ethan were to launch another assault, we would be powerless against him.”

“It is not the time for us to fight among ourselves. I believe everyone knows how terrifying Ethan is, correct? The only way we can defend ourselves is to band together as one.”

The Court Chiefs sighed in disgrace. Their pride, arrogance, and majesty had been replaced by humility, for Ethan’s strength had proven that they were nothing to him.

The Underworld’s secrets were exposed, and their strength—which they lauded so much—was nothing to Ethan.

Vinny kept his silence as his colleagues started discussing among themselves. He had no desire to speak, for he had a feeling that they’d still attack him no matter what he had to say.

He was not sure if Greedy Wolf had really deserted them. His instinct kept telling him that Greedy Wolf was still around, and the battle was just a mere power play between him and Ethan.

We are nothing but pawns in this chess match.

“We’re locked out of everything! If there are no other options for us, then the only option here is to disband!” someone rambled angrily. “There’s no reason for us to stay in the Underworld now, don’t you agree?”

“Why aren’t we allowed to use all the items in the abandoned palaces? There’s a whole bunch of them! Demon King is not here anymore, so why are we even keeping them out of reach?”

“If we can’t find the successor for Demon King to be reborn anew, the Underworld will eventually fade into oblivion.”

“Well, if that’s the case, we’d better disband and let this place rot.”

They started arguing among themselves again, but Vinny was still as silent as he was a moment ago. He knew everyone had their own plans, and greed was the driving force behind their souls. It was normal for them to come up with an exit strategy after they were hit by that disaster.

But will their exit strategy work? From the moment they were born, they should know that the reason for them to live is to serve the Underworld.

There is no way to escape this. No, there is one, and it’s death. Otherwise, they have no choice but to forge ahead.

Something started to buzz, and a terrifying shockwave washed over them. Vinny’s face fell, and he looked up immediately. As he expected, he saw the very person he was waiting for.

Greedy Wolf had returned. Contrary to everyone’s beliefs, he did not escape. Everyone looked up, and when they saw the person sitting on the stone throne, they looked horrified.

“Your humble servant greets you, My King!” Vinny reacted swiftly and kneeled before Greedy Wolf.

“Your humble servant greets you, My King!” Everyone else snapped out of it and quickly kneeled down as they greeted their king, who had made his return.

Greedy Wolf looked at the crowd that was kneeling before him, and he snorted. “So, I heard that you cowards were planning to escape.”


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