Billionaire God of War Chapter 2398

Chapter 2398

It was but a simple statement, but it petrified the chiefs, and they blanched in fear.

They had witnessed the true power of fighters that were on Greedy Wolf’s level. After all, the terror Ethan rained down upon them was still fresh in their minds. Will Demon King do the same thing to us?

None of them dared to speak. They hung their heads low subserviently, and the delusions of escape they had a moment ago vanished into dust.

None would dare think about escape, not when they were in the presence of their king.

Vinny was also hanging his head low. His heart was pounding furiously as if he was caught red-handed and Greedy Wolf could see through his every thought.

The more he thought about it, the more the whole thing seemed like a conspiracy. It looked like Greedy Wolf and Ethan were working together, but Vinny thought that was impossible, for the two of them were enemies.

Now that Kye was confirmed to be the final Source, Greedy Wolf would stop at nothing to get his hands on her. There is no way Ethan would let his daughter fall into Greedy Wolf’s hands.

He had a feeling that his guess was right on the mark, or close to it at the very least. However, he wouldn’t be so brazen as to claim it as the truth, for he had no definitive proof. All he had was a hunch and a strong one at that.

Greedy Wolf remained on his throne. He looked at his servants, and he snorted. “Well, well, well. Very well,” he said loudly. “Do you rascals think that I am no longer powerful?”

“Please perish that thought, My King!” his servants pleaded loudly.

“It matters not. You may speak what you really think.” He sighed. “For even I almost thought I had lost the strength to be king. Ethan is a formidable foe and I almost lost my life to him.”

Greedy Wolf was not afraid of telling his servants the truth. “With that kind of power, it comes as no surprise that a number of my chiefs lost their lives at his hand. You have witnessed his true power as well. It is terrifying. Should there be no need, none of you are to cross him again.”

Vinny was confused by that decree. Is he telling us to stay away from Ethan? But that much is obvious! None of us would do that!

If it weren’t for that fool, Darius, we wouldn’t have to go through that ordeal. That fool thought he could use Ethan to crush the king, but that plan backfired.

“Be it as it may, I will still get my vengeance on Ethan!!” Greedy Wolf slammed the armrest of his throne, and his servants trembled in fear.

Fury and anger welled up within Greedy Wolf, storming across the palace. “I shall have my revenge. This is a stain on the pride of the Underworld, and I shall not allow it to remain for much longer! We shall claim our vengeance one day and rid ourselves of this humiliation with blood!”

Greedy Wolf’s roar echoed throughout the chamber, booming around everyone. None dared to say no to their king, for they were shaken with fear. They were only alive because of their sheer dumb luck. Ethan spared them, and their king was not demanding them to pay the price of their attempted betrayal with their heads.

It’s good to be alive.

Vinny and his clique said nothing. They remained respectful and did not raise even a voice of dissidence, for they feared that their king might take away their lives if they did so.

It was then they realized something profound about life. They were nothing but mere insects in the presence of fighters like Ethan and Greedy Wolf. Nothing more, nothing less.

They were only alive because their king still had some use for them. If they exhausted that single value of theirs, their lives would be forfeited.

Greedy Wolf remained silent for a long while after that speech. Vinny looked up carefully, but Greedy Wolf was already nowhere to be found, and not a soul knew where he went either.

Despite that, none of them dared to even move. A long time later, someone eventually looked around, and everyone started looking at each other. When they realized they were safe, they heaved a sigh of relief, though their backs were already drenched with sweat.

“That was a terrifying experience, to say the least.”

“Demon King is still as powerful as ever. Now that our king has returned, then we shall wait for the day of our vengeance to descend. Until then, we shall sacrifice everything for His Majesty.”

“Yes. We live and die as a part of the Underworld. There is but one reason for us to be alive, and that is to serve our king, no matter how harrowing it may be!”

Everyone was changing their tune after Greedy Wolf made his roaring return.

However, Vinny still remained silent. He knew everyone was just trying to survive in whatever way they could, but he just could not shake the feeling that his king was working with Ethan himself.

If even the worst of enemies are working together as one, does that mean we are in for an even worse battle? Does it mean that an enemy even stronger than the king and Ethan himself is waiting for us out there?


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