Billionaire God of War Chapter 2399

Chapter 2399

If that assumption is true, then who will our enemy be?

Vinny could not imagine that there was someone out there who was stronger than Ethan and Greedy Wolf. By all accounts, it should be impossible for that to happen, he thought.

At the same time, Ethan and Peter Pan took Kye back to Greencliff, where everyone was waiting.

They were worried sick ever since Kye was kidnapped, but now that she had returned in one piece, they could finally heave a sigh of relief.

“Mom!” Kye started crying the moment she saw Diane, and she pounced into her mother’s embrace to feel that long-lost warmth. “I’ve missed you, mom!”

“You had me worried sick, my dear!” Diane hugged Kye as tightly as possible for she was afraid that the girl might disappear once more if she let her go.

She looked at Ethan, asking if their daughter was hurt in any way.

Ethan rolled his eyes. “Ah, don’t worry about her. She is perfectly fine and she had a lot of fun. If it weren’t for us taking her back by force, she would have stayed there until kingdom come.”

Kye stopped crying and stuck her tongue out, for the cat was out of the bag. And she rolled her eyes at her father. “Our friendship ends here, Daddy.” You can’t just rat me out like that. Argh, you big snitch!

Diane could finally rest easy after seeing her daughter acting like her old self again.

She took the girl back to bathe and feed her, while Ethan and Peter Pan went to the backyard, where Brother Geoff and the others were back.

They were standing sentry outside the gates of the Underworld earlier. Once the gates were to open, they would go inside to assist Ethan. However, before they could even do a thing, Ethan and Peter Pan were already out of the Underworld.

“I never thought I would live to see the day where Greedy Wolf fell from grace.” Peter Pan sighed.

Not a lot of the fighters of their generation were left. Peter Pan was still fine, but Greedy Wolf was not. He might look like he was a king, but in reality, he was in a struggle to take control of his own body, and it was a losing fight.

Nobody could imagine how bad he was having it.

“Greedy Wolf is no longer our enemy now.” Ethan nodded. He was having the same thought as Peter Pan, and he looked at the old man. “Do you think he will agree to our proposal?”

Peter Pan replied with a question, “Does he have a choice?”

During the battle between Ethan and Greedy Wolf, Peter Pan realized that there Ethan had left formation lines on the latter’s body. Once Greedy Wolf regained his consciousness, he would certainly see it, and Peter Pan was sure of that.

That was Ethan’s idea, and it was the only way to get the message through to Greedy Wolf. If he were to disagree with the plan, then Ethan would have no choice but to come up with another idea. Peter Pan might sound cocksure about it, but not even he was sure that Greedy Wolf would agree with the plan.

However, one thing was certain. They had a common enemy now, and that enemy was Demon King.

A sliver of Demon King’s soul was enough to control Greedy Wolf’s body. If Demon King were to make a full recovery, it would herald the end of the world as they knew it.

Greedy Wolf could not care less about the world. He might not even be interested in the slightest even if the world were to crumble into ruins, but if the price to pay was control of his body, it would be unacceptable for him.

His desire was to live forever as an immortal, but if it meant surrendering control of his body to someone else, he would rather choose death.

“He is a stubborn man, or even obstinate. I can’t be sure if he will agree to the plan.” Peter Pan shook his head.

He might be friends with Greedy Wolf, but that was only in the past. Time had passed, and Greedy Wolf must have changed, as sure as death would come for every living being.

However, considering the fact that Greedy Wolf did not lay a finger on Kye, Peter Pan had reason to believe that there was a sliver of kindness beneath that fierce exterior.

That sliver of kindness was perhaps even amplified because of Demon King’s attempt at taking over.

Ethan offered no response. He was not sure whether Greedy Wolf would be onboard with the plan, nor would he put all of his eggs in one basket. I have to come up with another plan in case this fails.

I have to stop Demon King before he can complete his resurrection, or I will have to kill him after he makes his return.

Compared to Demon King’s cruelty and evilness, Greedy Wolf is nothing. At the very least, Greedy Wolf still has a sliver of humanity left within him, but not Demon King.

“We have no time to lose,” Ethan said, “wake the Awakened from their slumber. We require their power to face this crisis.”


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