Billionaire God of War Chapter 2403

Chapter 2403

“We have the same goal here, and that is to maintain the peace of the people. We shall allow no villain to encroach on their lives,” Peter Pan answered.

“And this is where you guys come in,” he continued.

He took a deep breath. “Honestly, we’re all fossils here. By all accounts, we should have drowned within the annals of history, but through sheer luck and miracle, we still live until this day. Perhaps this is a hint from the heavens that we still have some responsibility to shoulder.”

The fighters started looking pensive after Peter Pan told them that, and they thought he had a point.

Back in their era, there were a lot of powerful fighters, some a lot more powerful than they were. Even so, none of them managed to survive, and they died as surely as the sun coming out of the east.

On the other hand, they went into a slumber and lived until the modern era. And they even got their hands on the water from Longevity Pond. It was as if the heavens wanted them to live to see the modern days.

Or more precisely, they still had some responsibility to bear.

“We knew Heavenly Palace existed since we were looking for Longevity Pond. By that logic, the Underworld had existed for a long time as well.”

“The problem is Demon King still lives, and now he’s residing in Greedy Wolf’s body. I’m sure you know the kind of man Greedy Wolf is.”

Everyone had a solemn look on their faces the moment Greedy Wolf was mentioned.

Back during their days, Broken Soldier, Greedy Wolf, and Peter Pan, or Seven Kill, were the most powerful fighters anyone had ever seen. They could annihilate any foe that came before them. Even in the modern era, they were still the strongest fighters.

Greedy Wolf was powerful enough, but he was also a cunning schemer. In the end, the most powerful fighter—Broken Soldier—died by his hands. That alone was a testament to his skill and intellect.

Now that Demon King had possessed him, it would take him to a greater height of terror. Just the mere thought of that was enough to send a chill running down their spine. It was, as they realized, a tough problem to tackle.

“You can still give up as you still have time,” Peter Pan said. “The Underworld has scores of powerful fighters, and this battle will be a deadly one. It is fine if you wish to withdraw. Ethan has promised he won’t force any of you to take part in this fight.

“This era’s burden should be his and his alone. That’s what he said.”

The fighters looked at Peter Pan and were silent for a while.

Peter Pan told them the truth about the whole situation and held nothing back. He wanted them to know the full weight of staying for the fight so they would make the right choice for themselves and the world. They would not force the fighters to take part in the fight either.

“Ah, we are no cowards, sir. Don’t make us sound like one.” The leading fighter laughed. “True, this era’s burden belongs to Ethan and Ethan alone, but by the same logic, our era’s burden belongs to us and us alone. If we had managed to wipe out Greedy Wolf and the Underworld back when we had the chance, they wouldn’t have grown to be such a great threat today.

“And you have a point, sir. The reason we can still live right now is because we are tasked with something. We need to fulfill our responsibility.”

“Yes! Well said!”

“I am not scared of death! The only reason I seek out immortality is for the power it grants me! And the only way to gain it is through battle or it will go to waste!”

“That is correct! What good is a fighter if he does not fight? I used to be a soldier on the battlefield, and I have claimed countless lives of the enemy with my hands! I shall not allow any villain to break this hard-earned peace!”

The fighters roared into the heavens and rumbled the earth.

Peter Pan laughed with delight and approval. Now that’s the kind of face I want to see. That is how a fighter should be!

“Good, good! We shall show Ethan what the fighters of our era are made of!” He roared, “The Underworld is nothing but a place filled with maggots that fear the light! Now they wish to overturn our world, and I say we flatten the maggots before they can become flies!

“Demon King is no match for us! He is but a bigger fly, but still a fly nonetheless.” Peter Pan declared, “And we shall squash him like the bug he is!”

The fighters’ spirits were finally riled up, and they were ready for the battle with the impending threat of Demon King.

Ethan was watching them from afar, and he had to admit that a lot of the fighters from the ancient times had a ferocity only a select few had in the modern era. Their love for the nation far surpassed those who lived in the modern days.


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