Billionaire God of War Chapter 2404

Chapter 2404

His plan was simple. He would settle the problem he was facing first. After that, he would let fate take its course and see where he would end up in.

He did not care how the Heavenly Palace or the Underworld would become. All he cared about was his own family, his wife and his daughter. They were the only ones deserving his care. As long as they were safe, nothing else mattered to him.

Ethan looked at them from afar, but he was immersed in his own thoughts.

“When will you begin the battle?” Peter Pan asked.

“As soon as I can.” Ethan looked at him. “If I drag this on any longer, it might cause unintended consequences.”

“Then, there is no better time to move than now.” Peter Pan clenched his fists, and murderous intent welled within his eyes.

Kye was his bottom line nobody should ever cross, or he would show them what hell on earth was like. She was his daughter, and he would brook no harm to fall on her.

As for Peter Pan, Kye was Peter his one and only disciple. He would risk his life if it meant saving her. He would never allow anyone to harm his precious disciple, not even Ethan.

They looked at each other and decided to make a move right at that very moment in case something unwanted were to happen.

Ethan made a call to Brother Geoff, telling him to take his lackeys to Prosperity City. At the same time, he and Peter Pan would take the awakened fighters to the same city as well. They promised to rendezvous at the gates of the Underworld.

Once that command was made, everyone could feel the tension rising in the air. Even though a lot of them were not directly involved in the operation, they could feel that it would be the most violent and bloody one they had ever seen. They had to succeed in the mission as failure was not forgivable. If they were to fall, the whole of Greencliff would fall with them.

At the same time, Greedy Wolf had returned to his throne, while Vinny was kneeling before him.

“Do you know why I summoned you here?”

“I do not, My King.”

“Is that so?”

Vinny’s heart skipped a beat. He could not bring himself to look up at Greedy Wolf, but he knew his king must be looking at him, with his terrible eyes that resembled two little whirlpools. Should he even take a look at them, Vinny knew he would be sucked into them in just a mere moment.

“My King, what shall your orders be? Ask, and I shall serve.” Vinny bowed his head lower as a show of higher respect.

He knew Greedy Wolf and Ethan must be tangled in a chess game of their own right now, but he had no desire to be a mere pawn on the chessboard.

Suddenly, Greedy Wolf stood up and came closer to Vinny, then he patted Vinny’s shoulder. “You do not seem to fear me.” Greedy Wolf smiled. “And I mean that literally. The one you fear is Demon King, but not me.”

Vinny kept his silence. He did not want to answer that.

“Who do you think is the more terrifying one? Me or Demon King?”

Vinny paused for a moment, and he answered, “You are Demon King, My King. You are him, and he is you. You are one and the same. All I know is that your orders are my command. That is all. I care not about anything else!”

Greedy Wolf laughed loudly as if he was satisfied with that answer. When he looked at Vinny again, it was like he was looking at a loyal dog that would do anything to please his master. “I can give you a chance to show your loyalty to me.”

“Your orders are my command, My King!” Vinny declared.

A strange, eerie smile curled Greedy Wolf’s lips. Suddenly, he slammed his palm against Vinny’s chest, and his nails dug into his flesh like needles.

His nails were centimeters away from Vinny’s heart, and he could feel the heartbeat coming from within his ribcage.

Vinny’s eyes were as wide as saucepans. He opened his mouth, but he could not even say a word. In the end, he blurted, “You wish to have my life, My King?” Vinny stared at him.

Greedy Wolf did not answer his question. Instead, he injected a ball of black smoke into Vinny’s heart. The moment he did, Vinny let out a scream, and he blacked out.

“I am giving you a chance at ascension. At power. At strength.” Greedy Wolf looked at Vinny, who was lying on the ground motionlessly. “Treasure it. This opportunity does not come twice.” Then, he turned around and disappeared into the darkness.

At the same time, Brother Geoff, his lackeys, Ethan, Peter Pan, and the fighters met up before the Underworld’s gates.

“Say the word, and we’ll crash this party for you, Big Boss.” Brother Geoff sneered and gnashed his teeth. “These b*stards should have died ages ago.”

He could not wait to charge into the Underworld and kill them all right at that moment.

Ethan glanced at him. “Worry not. We shall begin the battle soon.”


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