Billionaire God of War Chapter 2406

Chapter 2406

“I have no wish to kill any of you, but you forced my hand.” Ethan looked at him and slowly raised his fist. “This is your last chance. Tell me where Greedy Wolf is right now. Do you or do you not know where he is?”

“I-I do not know where he is!”

Ethan smashed the man to pieces, sending his body flying everywhere.

He turned around without even sparing the body a moment of his time. Everyone else was already shivering in fear. At that moment, they had a feeling that Ethan was the real demon in the room, not them. He was a terrifying fighter, and none of them stood a chance against him.

They wanted to answer him, but they did not know where Greedy Wolf was.

“We don’t know where Greedy Wolf is! You can’t get the answer even if you kill us!” someone shouted mournfully, and his face contorted with rage. “Kill us if you will, but we will make sure we haunt you forever!”

Ethan looked at him, but all he thought was that it was amusing. They came to provoke me first. They came for my daughter, my family, and now they are making themselves out to be the victim? This is hilarious.

If they hadn’t tried to hurt his family, Ethan wouldn’t even have cared to attack them. He wasn’t a bloodthirsty monster. As long as nobody tried to hurt him or his family, he would never initiate an attack.

He waved his hand, and Brother Geoff and his lackeys came forth. “Take them away.”

“Yes, sir!”

The Court Chiefs were all taken away, leaving Vinny as the only one behind. Vinny looked around himself. Everyone has been taken away, so why haven’t I? Why did Ethan spare me?

“What are you trying to do?” Vinny gritted his teeth. “If you want to kill me, then do it right now. Do you think I would be scared of you at this point?”

I’ll die either way… I do not have another choice.

Ethan came up to him. “Where is Greedy Wolf?” he asked, seemingly set on getting an answer no matter what.

Vinny sneered. “You do not have to waste your time. I do not know. And that’s my answer no matter what you do.”

No matter how hard Ethan tried, the fact remained that he did not know where Greedy Wolf went, and there was nothing Ethan could do about it.

However, Ethan was patient, and he believed that Vinny must know where Greedy Wolf was. “Where is Greedy Wolf?”

Vinny was starting to get a little frustrated. He thought Ethan was only playing around with him, humiliating him.

He decided to remain silent, but Ethan was still patient with him. He stared at Vinny and kept asking, “Where is Greedy Wolf?”

Ethan kept asking and asking until finally, Vinny broke. “I don’t know! I really don’t know where he is!” he roared like a madman. “I told you I don’t know where he is! Why won’t you believe me?

“Do you think someone like Greedy Wolf would tell me his whereabouts? Do you think that’s possible?” Vinny laughed mirthlessly. He knew Ethan was no fool, so that should have been obvious.

If Greedy Wolf really did tell him where he went, Vinny would have sold him out the moment his life was in danger, but the problem was that he held no such knowledge.

Despite that, Ethan didn’t care, and he kept asking, “Where is Greedy Wolf?”

Vinny stayed silent again, leaving Ethan to ask the same question again and again.

Peter Pan and the others stood aside, waiting for Ethan to work his magic. No matter what Ethan was doing, all they did was stand quietly and watch. They knew Ethan would not waste his time on something futile, so he must have his reasons in asking that question like he was a broken record.

When Ethan asked the same question for the fiftieth time, Vinny could not hold it in any longer. “Enough!” he roared. “I don’t know where he is! Why do you keep asking me? It’s useless! He never told me where he went! I would have told you if I knew!”

Ethan hunkered down and squinted at him. “Is that so?” He glanced at Vinny and put a hand on his head. Then, he turned his palm around, and formation lines started covering Vinny up.

“Ah, as I suspected. Greedy Wolf is one cunning character. He left this message in this man’s brain without telling him about it.”


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