Billionaire God of War Chapter 2407

Chapter 2407

He gave Vinny a tight slap, turning his head ninety degrees to the side. “Are you awake now?” Ethan barked thunderously.

His voice boomed right beside Vinny’s ears, and Vinny felt his head buzz. He stared at Ethan dumbly as he tried to process what was happening in his head.

It was as if a voice was buzzing within him, making him feel light. Suddenly, Vinny realized that Greedy Wolf had told him something. However, he remembered Greedy Wolf talking, though there was no sound in it. All he could do was trace his lips and try to figure out what Greedy Wolf was saying.

“Jogged your memory, haven’t you?” Ethan looked at him. “Greedy Wolf told you where he went. You just didn’t remember it. Now, do you recall?”

“I…” Vinny was flabbergasted, and he was confused about the whole situation. Did Greedy Wolf really tell me where he went? But when? When did he tell me that?

“How… How is this even possible?” Vinny was still wallowing in his disbelief.

“That is the power of the twin iris,” Ethan replied calmly. “Do you really think Greedy Wolf is that kind? Do you really think he’d go all friendly with you? He is just using you as a messenger. He wants to tell me something through you.”

Ethan pointed at Vinny’s eyes, and within those eyes were the answers Ethan desired.

Vinny was starting to get numb about the whole situation. He did not even react, for he could not understand how the whole situation had unfolded.

“If you remember what he told you, then you may live. Do not expect me to praise you for your loyalty. I can and will kill you if I find you useless.”

Ethan was talking calmly, but the murder in his tone was undeniable.

Vinny might say he was not afraid of death, but he still shook with terror after hearing that.

At the same time, in a palace deep in the Underworld.

It was yet another palace of Demon King. At this point, nobody cared enough to count, but nobody would ever venture that deep into the Underworld either, nor did they have the courage to.

This palace was special, for it was also the grave of the past Demon Kings. Most people would find that the demonic aura radiated from this place was unbearable. If their soul were to crack from the pressure, they would injure themselves during their training, or die in the worst case scenario.

At that very moment, Greedy Wolf was standing right before the tomb. “Now this is interesting, venturing so far deep just to kill you,” he mumbled to himself.

Or so it seemed.

In reality, he was talking to Demon King residing within him. After all, Demon King knew that Greedy Wolf wanted to kill him, and he knew how Greedy Wolf would achieve that.

They were merged as one after all. There was no privacy left for Greedy Wolf. “Say, will you feel honored if I resurrected the old Demon Kings and asked them to kill you?” Greedy Wolf sneered.

“Is that so? Do you really think that plan of yours will work?” Demon King’s voice said. The body’s voices kept changing between Greedy Wolf and Demon King. If someone were to witness this spectacle, they might just die from the sheer horror of it.

“If I don’t give it a try, I will never know, right?”

Greedy Wolf was not agitated at all. He would never underestimate Demon King, but he would not give up his body just like that either.

“You are the strongest Demon King in the history of the Underworld. You should be proud of that, but your only mistake was to try and steal my body.”

He came to the tomb and looked at the graves with a dark expression. “You tempted fate, and this is what you get.”

Greedy Wolf shook his head like killing Demon King was regrettable.

“Is that so? But we are one and the same. If you kill me, then you shall die as well? Do you not fear your own death?”

Demon King was laughing eerily, it was as though he was sure Greedy Wolf’s body was his to take. I shall take his body for myself. Everything he does is futile. Once my mental energy heals up just a bit more, I will kill his soul, and then, this body shall be mine!

At that point, I shall possess both the twin iris and a powerful body. Nobody can stop me anymore.


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