Billionaire God of War Chapter 2408

Chapter 2408

“You think I would fear my death?” Greedy Wolf laughed maniacally. He was not the kind of person to fear death, for he was a maniac, to begin with. He feared nothing as long as he could achieve his goal, not even death.

To Greedy Wolf, death was just a process and a means to an end. If he could achieve his goal, not even death was something to fear for him. It was that kind of madness that made him who he was, and nobody could understand that level of insanity.

“Just keep thinking that way, then. When the day death comes for you, you shall rue your decision of choosing my body instead of someone else’s.”

Demon King said nothing to him like he had fallen back into the depths of the body again.

Greedy Wolf looked at the tomb before him and snorted, then he went to make the preparations to take back his own body. I will do it, no matter the cost.

An ancestral hall stood deep in the palace, and it was a place to worship the past Demon Kings. Their bodies were buried beneath the ground, while their souls were put to rest within the halls for their successors to worship.

Once Greedy Wolf stepped foot within it, he heard the sound of something creaking, and all the lights on the walls lit up, illuminating the hall with an eerie shade.

The doors and windows were closed, but he could still feel cold winds blowing through the hall. Greedy Wolf blinked and activated his twin iris once more, then he saw a lot of apparitions floating within the ancestral hall.

Even so, he was fearless. “Nobody wants to die, am I right? Not especially when you’re Demon King. You won’t ever want to give away your throne after you got addicted to that kind of power.”

All Demon Kings shared a few common traits—greed, ambition, and selfishness. All the darkest traits of humanity were present and deeply rooted within all Demon Kings.

They were all the same, barring the intensity of their cruelty and wickedness.

The winds kept blowing stronger and louder, and they spoke of the past kings’ lingering hate and desire. None of them wished to die, not when they finally became a demon king. They refused to depart this world, but none of them could fight against time.

Because of that, the previous Demon King did everything he could to get into Heavenly Palace, all so he could have a chance at immortality.

However, much to his dismay, the Longevity Pond could only work in the Heavenly Palace. Even if he were to gain its source, it would be useless to him.

The damage caused to him was severe, and he almost perished in that battle. If it were not for a sliver of his soul clinging on to dear life in Greedy Wolf’s body, Demon King would have died and passed on.

Greedy Wolf came up to the main hall and asked loudly, “Do you wish to live? To return to life once more? Do you wish to reclaim your throne as Demon King?”

He was roaring as loudly as he could as if he was a maniac. The winds were blowing even stronger like Demon Kings of the past could not hold their desire in any longer.

They wanted to return to life immediately, to return to their past glory and retake what was once theirs.

Greedy Wolf put his hands in prayer, and a golden flash of light appeared within his twin iris. The wind eventually turned into a gale, its strength blew the doors and windows open.

Greedy Wolf roared, “Be reborn, ye kings!”

The golden light illuminated the ancestral hall, covering the souls of the dead Demon Kings.

“Ooh…” And they screamed.

Their screams pierced the heavens, shaking the very earth, petrifying all the souls of the living beings who could hear them. It was as if countless beasts were whipped into a frenzy, ready to go on a rampage.

If someone were to be present, they would have died from the shock of the spectacle.

Greedy Wolf was still howling loudly, and the air itself seemed to be twisted. Not even Peter Pan knew that Greedy Wolf’s twin iris had this kind of power.

There was the very reason Demon King wanted to take over Greedy Wolf’s body. It was as if fate weaved their paths together and gifted him such a perfectly powerful body.


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