Billionaire God of War Chapter 2409

Chapter 2409

The gale was roaring, and their tablets were shaking as if something was trying to break free of the chains within.

As the golden light kept covering the hall, Greedy Wolf could feel the auras of powerful entities slowly appearing from within.

“Come forth, ye kings!” Greedy Wolf roared. He noticed that a crack had formed on one of the tablets, and something seemed to be coming through.

Suddenly, someone sent a punch flying at the tablet, smashing it into pieces.

“Hm?” Shocked, he turned around to see who the interloper was, and murder welled within his eyes. “Ethan!”

He never expected Ethan to show up at that moment, and it was earlier than he planned as well. “How dare you!”

Ethan ignored Greedy Wolf’s threats. He moved in swiftly like a phantom and sent out punch after punch, destroying every tablet it came in contact with.

He stood in the hall, looking at Greedy Wolf. “I exist for one reason, and that is to stop you no matter what you’re doing.”

Greedy Wolf sneered. “You just have to do this, don’t you?”

He looked at Ethan as well, but he could not believe how powerful the man had become. He could go toe to toe with Demon King back then, and that was impressive enough.

So he must have gained some power in the Heavenly Palace. Perhaps as much power as I gained.

“I told you that stopping you is the reason for my existence,” Ethan said. “I will not let your plan come to fruition.” He slowly raised his hand and pointed at the tablets.

“Now tell me, what are you planning to do this time?”

“Silence, you cur!” Greedy Wolf did not want to waste any time on a useless conversation. “You came here a moment too soon.”

It would have been perfect if Ethan made his entrance after all preparations were done. If that were the case, he could have used Ethan to kill Demon King, but apparently, Ethan was smarter than he thought, and he came here before that could happen.

Greedy Wolf hadn’t finished his preparations yet, but that was not important. The point here was whether Ethan would work with him or not.

“Work with me and kill Demon King, and I shall release your daughter.” Greedy Wolf bargained, “That’s a fair deal, right?”

Ethan squinted. He wouldn’t have been irked if Greedy Wolf didn’t bring that up, but now it sounded like he was being threatened with the safety of his own daughter.

Ethan hated it when someone tried to threaten him, and Greedy Wolf crossed that line.

He started sending waves and waves of punches flying at Greedy Wolf, and the very air almost broke into pieces from the impact of his fists.

Ah, he hurled the first punch. Greedy Wolf knew Ethan would do that. After all, the man was there to kill him, even if he had no reason to.

Ethan was a sentimental man, especially when it came to his family. It was a given that Ethan would go on a rampage if anyone tried to use his daughter as hostage.

The moment their attacks made contact, a loud blast radiated from the center, and a shockwave traveled beyond. They quickly retreated only to clash once more. There was no elegance or skill in the clash. It was as if a pair of barbarians were engaging in a mere tussle.

They traded punches and kicks, and their blows were loud. The winds they kicked up from their clashes were starting to shake the windows and doors of the hall.

Their battle had just begun, but it escalated into a fight so destructive, no mere mortal could ever hope to get near.

Another clash later, they retreated again.

“You cannot kill me.” Greedy Wolf stared at Ethan cruelly. “You know you can’t kill me as long as Demon King’s soul still resides within me. So, what do you think? Give me a hand, and we can kill him together. If you don’t kill him, you won’t be able to kill me. And if I don’t die, your family and friends will never enjoy peace.

“You know the kind of person I am, Ethan. Don’t do anything you’ll regret. You don’t want that to happen, do you?”


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