Billionaire God of War Chapter 2410

Chapter 2410

It was a blatant threat from Greedy Wolf. He knew the kind of person Ethan was and how much he hated it when someone tried to threaten him. Even more so if the threat involved his family.

Ethan was getting more and more furious, but Greedy Wolf only laughed. “So, what will you do? Work with me, and it’ll be good for both of us! But if you refuse, you shall suffer the consequences.”

His answer was nothing but another punch from Ethan, but this time, it was ferocious and heavy.

A white light surrounded the punch, compressing the air around it before it slammed into Greedy Wolf’s chest. The impact caused a loud bang, and he was sent flying back, only stopping after skidding ten meters away.

He looked coldly at his chest, where the long robe was broken and tattered. “Well, well, well.” Greedy Wolf snorted. “Seems like you’re getting stronger and stronger.”

“If I kill you, I will also kill Demon King. I have no reason to work with you.” Ethan slowly advanced toward Greedy Wolf. “You should not have brought my family into this.”

Ethan could take a lot of pain, but his family was the only line nobody should ever cross. Just like how Greencliff was off-limits to most people, so was Ethan’s family to him.

Ethan moved again, but this time, he propelled himself ahead, as if he was a rocket missile that was homing in on its target.

“What speed!” Greedy Wolf gasped.

A moment later, Ethan was already centimeters before him. Their fists clashed once more, and an intense explosion followed.

Greedy Wolf made a hasty retreat, but he was shocked. He’s terrifying. What on earth did he do in the Heavenly Palace? How can he get stronger every time we fight?

To top things off, it had not been too long since both of them last fought.




Ethan kept punching Greedy Wolf tirelessly, and every punch was stronger than the last. It was all Greedy Wolf could do to defend himself. He could not counter when Ethan was attacking him so relentlessly. He had to wait until Ethan lost his momentum and show an opening.

However, Ethan did not act as he wished. His punches became quicker and stronger until it felt like a mountain was crashing down on Greedy Wolf.

Another explosion later, they retreated once more. Greedy Wolf looked at his own hands, and to his horror, it was bleeding. But most importantly, he could see the bones protruding from beneath.

What kind of strength is that? He broke through my defenses. What was that light? What kind of destructive power is that?

“Are you tired?” Greedy Wolf looked at him calmly. “You can’t kill me with that kind of power.” He sneered. Greedy Wolf tried to provoke Ethan for he truly didn’t think that Ethan could kill him.

He knew that Ethan was a powerful fighter. If push came to shove, he might actually succeed in killing Greedy Wolf, but Ethan would have to pay a heavy price for it.

Ethan was a smart man. He knew that if he could not take Greedy Wolf down easily, he could end up sustaining heavy injuries, and that would mean giving Demon King a perfect opportunity to strike.

If Greedy Wolf lost too much strength, Demon King would take over, and he would beat an injured Ethan easily.

“You should think about my proposition.” Greedy Wolf smiled. “I can get hurt, and I can even die in this battle, but what about you?

“Are you so sure that you won’t be hurt? You’re underestimating me too much, don’t you think? Once Demon King takes over my body, he will make a full recovery in no time, but what about you?

“Can you take him on if you’re injured? Or do you think Seven Kill can finish the job?” Greedy Wolf shook his head. “He’s old. He can’t be of any use now.”

What he received in response to that provocation was yet another punch. Greedy Wolf took it with one hand and looked at Peter Pan, who was charging in furiously.

“Well, someone seems unhappy.”


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