Billionaire God of War Chapter 2411

Chapter 2411

Peter Pan shot a glare at him. “Who are you calling an old man, you scum!”

He heard Greedy Wolf calling him an old and useless man way back, and he would not stand for it. “Stand back, Ethan. Let me handle this!”

Peter Pan’s aura was magnificent. The murder he radiated was almost palpable, and he would tear Greedy Wolf to shreds if he was given the chance.

However, Greedy Wolf did not seem to care about him one bit. “Ah, so you plan on getting both of you hurt?” He remarked casually, “If this old git here gets hurt, then nobody can protect your family. Ethan, he might be a fool, but surely you won’t allow this foolishness to continue?”

He straightened himself up and looked like he wasn’t worried in the slightest. He was not in a hurry, for he knew what Ethan was thinking, and once he grasped Ethan’s weakness, there was no need to fear anymore.

Ethan said nothing. He knew Greedy Wolf was a ruthless person. If he were to back Greedy Wolf into a corner, he would drag him down even if it was the last thing he did. He would not care about his own death if it meant he could injure Ethan.

Just like what Greedy Wolf said, Demon King would take over his body once he got weak. Demon King’s powers combined with Greedy Wolf’s twin iris would be a formidable force to defeat.

If he and Peter Pan were to get hurt, nobody would have the power to go against Demon King. He really does have this all planned out, huh?

“So, how about it?” Ethan’s silence was getting annoying, and Greedy Wolf squinted. “You’re a smart man, so make the smart decision. Just like how we worked together to find the Longevity Pond. That was a happy experience, wasn’t it?”

No, it was not. Ethan knew that someone like Greedy Wolf was not to be trusted. He deserved exactly zero ounces of faith and trust.

“Ignore him, kid. Let’s kill him and get this over with,” Peter Pan shouted. As long as we kill him, there should be no problem. Demon King dies as well, so what’s the holdup?

“You are one stupid man, Seven Kill.” Greedy Wolf snorted, and he looked at Peter Pan coldly. “Do you really think you can kill me easily just because the two of you work together?

“Back in our time, Broken Soldier was the top fighter, and I was second, while you are dead last.”

That angered Peter Pan even more. He didn’t want to wait for Ethan anymore, and he hurled a punch at Greedy Wolf. “Then, I think it’s time we shake up the rankings a little.”

They went into a brawl, and their clashes were as loud as ever. Shockwaves traveled across the battlefield, turning everywhere into ruins.

Dust flew high up into the air, and debris crashed everywhere. Peter Pan wanted to kill Greedy Wolf, but he knew it was nigh impossible to take his life without sustaining any damage.

They were about on par back in their time, and a lot of years had passed since then. Even though he had gained some strength after drinking the Longevity Pond’s water, Greedy Wolf had Demon King’s soul within him.

It was impossible for him to kill Greedy Wolf while looking out for Demon King’s possible revival. Even so, he still thought it was necessary to beat Greedy Wolf up.



Peter Pan kept punching Greedy Wolf and said nothing, for his only goal was to vent his frustration out.

“You old git!” Greedy Wolf snarled. “This is pointless! You are so childish!”

He knows he can’t kill me, but he still tries to attack? He’s still as big a child as he was back then!

Peter Pan did not care what Greedy Wolf had to say. He kept punching the guy and even fought dirty if it meant he could get some hits in. It was as if they were two children brawling and fighting in the playground.

“You d*mn old fart!” Greedy Wolf was enraged. “Where do you think you’re punching? Don’t make me kill you!”

“Do it then, mother f*cker!” Peter Pan stuck his tongue out. “I was just trying to see if you got any balls, but it seems like you have none! I felt nothing!”

Finally, Greedy Wolf couldn’t take it anymore. He darted toward Peter Pan and started brawling again.

Ethan stood there quietly. He wanted to see if there was any opening he could use to kill Greedy Wolf in one blow. That’s the best way to go.


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