Billionaire God of War Chapter 2412

Chapter 2412

Ethan watched as Peter Pan and Greedy Wolf engaged in an intense battle.

They were going in for the kill with every move, but Peter Pan would play dirty, just like how a child would, and that infuriated Greedy Wolf.

“Don’t make me do this!” Greedy Wolf roared.

Peter Pan ignored his threats. “So I’m making you do this, so what?” Peter Pan kept insulting him while he played dirty in the battle. If words could kill, Greedy Wolf would have died ten times over at that point.

Peter Pan wasn’t going in too hard, but it was humiliating for Greedy Wolf. It was common courtesy to never expose anyone’s embarrassing past in a battle, but Peter Pan threw courtesy out of the window and kept bringing up all the embarrassing things Greedy Wolf had done. Including the times he peed his pants when he was still a child.

Greedy Wolf was looking upset. He knew Peter Pan was just being the kind of *sshole he was, but it was still infuriating to hear his own embarrassing past being brought up. What a child!

Peter Pan did not care about it one bit, and he kept mocking Greedy Wolf while they battled, “Hey, I thought you wanted to kill me. I’ve forced you into a corner, so why aren’t you killing me yet? Oh, I get it. You can’t kill me, can you? Hey, you’ve always been the kind of guy to play dirty, so use your tricks!

“You trapped Broken Soldier and killed him with your dirty play, didn’t you? What’s the holdup? Use it, man! Bah, I bet you’re just a braggart. You must be really weak in reality. I wonder how you guys even lived so long without even improving yourself.”

Peter Pan would not stop talking, and it would be annoying for anyone to battle him. Ethan ignored that though. He kept staring at Greedy Wolf, and if an opportunity to kill him were to appear, he would not let it go.

However, Greedy Wolf knew what he was planning, so he would never show an opening. Peter Pan might be powerful, but it was not enough to make him slip up and give an opening for Ethan.

They were just trying to vent their anger. It was impossible for them to kill each other, but that would not stop them from venting out.




They clashed again like meteorites crashing into the earth. None of them held back, and the battle started to heat up once more.

“Hey, I thought you wanted to kill me, Greedy Wolf!” Peter Pan was still trying to rile him up. “You should go through with your promise if you’re a man. Or are you actually a girl?”

Greedy Wolf said nothing, but his punches became faster and faster. Their fists clashed again, causing a loud clang like two pieces of metal were clashing against each other.

They retreated again, but their arms were already trembling violently.

“Is that all?” Peter Pan mocked. “You got nothing on Broken Soldier. And you think you can get Celaine with that kind of strength? Get real.”

Greedy Wolf’s face fell. Apparently, Peter Pan had hit where it hurt the most.

He knew it as well, so he went even further in the insults, “Celaine only loves the strong, and obviously you are not. You’re just a weakling. And you aren’t even a man. You don’t even have the power to protect her. There’s no reason for her to fall for you.

“Honestly, I can understand why she rejected you. I would have done the same thing in her place. I would feel embarrassed if I had a partner like you. Take a look in the mirror, Greedy Wolf. Do you think you’re a good match for her?”

“Shut up!” Greedy Wolf was finally furious. He pointed at Peter Pan, and the light in his twin iris shone. “I will kill you!” he shouted.

Peter Pan’s insults made him snap, and Greedy Wolf started to change, albeit he did not realize it.

Sh*t! Ethan thought. “Demon King took over his body!”

Greedy Wolf would lose control every time he flew into a rage, and Demon King would take that chance to take control of the body.

But Greedy Wolf had already launched his attack before Ethan could warn Peter Pan in time, and he felt different from how he was earlier.


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