Billionaire God of War Chapter 2413

Chapter 2413

A violent demonic aura surrounded Peter Pan, and he could feel an intense desire for murder coming from within.

A huge blast caused Peter Pan to retreat, and his hand was getting numb from the impact. “Not bad.” He gritted his teeth. So Demon King has taken control, eh?

His whole plan was to lure Demon King out of hiding, and just as he suspected, he would take control of the body whenever Greedy Wolf flew into a rage. In actuality, he would never fly into a rage unless Celaine was involved.

“Ethan!” Peter Pan shouted, “Demon King has taken over! Kill him, and you kill Demon King!”

They looked at each other and charged at Greedy Wolf, flanking him.

“You think you can defeat me, you curs?” Demon King laughed maniacally. His hair billowed in the air as if he was seized by madness itself. “That is but mere arrogance!”

He stomped the ground, and the earth cracked. The twin iris could freely turn to either side, so Demon King looked at Ethan with one eye and Peter Pan with the other. It seemed impossible, but Demon King could catch their movements at once.



Ethan and Peter Pan attacked at the same time, but Demon King raised his hands and stopped both of them.

What terrifying power! Ethan was shocked. “What else do we not know about the twin iris?”

“Too much!”

Peter Pan gritted his teeth and hurled another punch, but Demon King stopped him easily. “Greedy Wolf was born with the twin iris! Now that Demon King is using it, it can only get stronger!”

The twin iris was a mystery that could not be unraveled, save for those who possessed them. Not even Greedy Wolf knew how much untapped power his twin iris had.

All he knew was that he could use it to charm someone, but he never thought the twin iris would be that powerful.

“Do you really think I would take over a random man?” Demon King mocked. “This is all made certain by fate itself. The twin iris grants its user true sight. I can see the truth of this world. I can see the spirits and the gods themselves! And I am the most worthy wielder of the twin iris!”

He roared the last part out and sent Ethan and Peter Pan flying with a single punch.

“He’s stronger than earlier.” Ethan retreated a few yards before he regained his bearing, but that short clash only made him more worried.

Greedy Wolf was more powerful than when they fought last time, though technically speaking, they were fighting Demon King. In other words, Demon King was gaining strength over time as well.

At this rate, nobody could stop Demon King once he regained his full strength.

Greedy Wolf is right. Demon King is a formidable enemy, and he’s a mysterious one at that. Ethan squinted. So I’ll have to work with him to kill Demon King. At this rate, nobody can stop him.

Peter Pan wanted to resume the battle, but Ethan stopped him. He slowly raised his fist, but he was aiming it at the tablets. “You are a powerful foe, Demon King, but I wonder which one of you is the strongest? The past kings, or you?”

Ethan looked into Demon King’s eyes. “I wonder if they’ll acknowledge you?”

“Do you really think they’ll be a threat just because Greedy Wolf can revive them?” Demon King shook his head and laughed wildly like he had heard a hilarious joke.

“Let me tell you something.” He stared at Ethan. “You do not know how the past kings met their demise.”

A wild ferocity filled his eyes as if he was turning into a beast. “Every Demon King must die at the hands of their successor. And the successor shall consume the old king. Their power would be devoured and passed down to the new king. They have lost to me once. Do you really think they stand a chance at victory?”

Demon King looked at them like they were fools. “I am the strongest Demon King on earth!”


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