Billionaire God of War Chapter 2414

Chapter 2414

Greedy Wolf was no longer himself. Demon King had taken over, and his arrogance was a spectacle to behold. He was a powerful entity that would grow even stronger as time passed. If he was not taken down in time, he would grow into a deadly threat.

“Attack!” Peter Pan didn’t even think about that. Now that Demon King had made his appearance, he had to try and take him down. Even if he couldn’t kill the enemy, injuring him would still be good enough for him.

He dashed ahead at near sonic speed. His vigor was boiling like he had returned to the peak of his career, and perhaps even stronger than that.

The Longevity Pond contained great energy that could even birth a dying old man like Peter Pan anew.

The Seven Kill Fist was as strong and heavy as a mountain. Even the very space they were in started to shake from the strength the punch contained.

That was Peter Pan’s true strength. He set his eyes on the enemy and kept hurling punch after punch at him, raising his speed to the maximum as he did so.




Peter Pan did not slow down even one bit, but eventually, Demon King scoffed, “You are too weak. Someone like you can’t even possibly injure me.”

“What about me then?” Ethan asked.

A silhouette went past him, and three identical Ethans appeared, surrounding Greedy Wolf. The four of them blocked all paths Greedy Wolf, or rather, Demon King could take.

They would not give Demon King any chance at escape. The three Ethans and Peter Pan raised their fists at the same time, and a gentle white light shimmered upon their hands.

“Die!” the both of them shouted at the same time, and they hurled their fists against Greedy Wolf.

The impact sent a tremor traveling out of the center. Greedy Wolf did not escape the attack, for he had no chance. He took the punches head-on, causing the shockwave to penetrate his body and attack his internal organs.

His face was inscrutable, as if it was frozen.

Ethan watched on, and his afterimages slowly merged into one. He came up to Greedy Wolf and stared at him dead in the eye. A moment later, Ethan’s face fell.

“Retreat!” he yelled and shoved Peter Pan away. A moment later, a terrifying aura exploded within Greedy Wolf, and he slammed his foot against Ethan’s chest.


Ethan was sent flying back a few meters away, and he rolled on the ground a dozen times before he came to a stop.

“No, not even you,” Demon King said raspily. Wisps of black smoke started twirling around his body, and he seemed to have changed even more.

What horrifying aura! So this is Demon King?

Demon King looked at Ethan, but he was apparently scoffing. Ah, how many years has it been since I came across someone this interesting? Ethan might be a threat for him, but Demon King had seen far too much in his life.

I have fought against countless enemies! I even went against the heavens itself! Ethan is nothing to me!

“You shall die today. Both of you,” Demon King said. “I do not like it when an insect keeps upsetting me.”

He slowly went toward Ethan, but Peter Pan suddenly appeared from behind and landed a strong punch on Greedy Wolf’s back, but it proved to be useless.

No matter how powerful his punch was, he could never break Greedy Wolf’s iron defenses.

‘Greedy Wolf’ turned around and looked at him. “How annoying!”


He smacked Peter Pan and sent him flying once more, and this time, the old man spewed blood.

Ethan was looking worried. Did he gain even more strength? What kind of monster is that? No wonder the Heavenly Palace was destroyed. They could never have gone up against Demon King.

Ethan said nothing more. He stood up and leaped toward Demon King. This time, he used the Extreme Fist Technique, and he resumed the fight with ‘Greedy Wolf’ once more.


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