Billionaire God of War Chapter 2417

Chapter 2417

Ethan and his men looked fairly gloomy after they’ve left the Underworld.

No one knew when and where Greedy Wolf would show up again.

The thing that Ethan was certain about was when they met again, Demon King’s shattered soul would’ve been partially pieced up. The Demon King would have fully consumed Greedy Wolf by then if the latter failed to keep him in check. A deadly rumpus would then unfold.

“It’s hard to believe that Greedy Wolf would fall into a predicament like this.” Peter Pan wasn’t trying to mock Greedy Wolf. He was genuinely sad for him.

They used to be pals, but things have taken a downturn.

Greedy Wolf had been arrogant all his life, even at this point where Demon King’s Demon Kingish soul had gnawed into his. He knew very well that there was nothing he could do to reverse this.

“Are you sure we are going to team up with Greedy Wolf?” Peter Pan turned around and asked the silent Ethan.

“We’re out of choices. The Demon King’s soul is ever so powerful. The time he’s fully awakened will be the time we meet our maker,” Ethan explained.

The Demon King’s ambition was still a mystery. What Ethan knew hitherto was that Demon King was in search of the last Source—Kye.

Ethan would never allow anyone to hurt Kye no matter what.

He was ready to defend Kye even if it meant sacrificing his own life.

“But joining forces with Greedy Wolf is equally risky.” Peter Pan reminded Ethan. “I think that we might have to kill him when necessary.” The former was as calm as a millpond, but Ethan could sense grief in those words. Greedy Wolf was Peter Pan’s friend, but he was also a ticking time bomb.

Yet, Peter Pan didn’t want to put his disciple in jeopardy.

That was why he came to this decision.

He and Ethan said nothing after exchanging glances. That was the distasteful choice they had to make. Perhaps Greedy Wolf could smell his end closing in too. He didn’t have a choice either.

“Argh!” Ethan suddenly squeezed his head between his hands and yelp. His face screamed pain.

“What’s wrong, Ethan!”

Peter Pan immediately went up to Ethan but was blown far away by his aura.

What is this? It happened before.

Peter Pan quickly blocked Ethan from the others before they got hurt.

After some time, that energy dissipated and Ethan was back to his calm self. That was the third time it had happened.

“Are you okay? Was it that same memory?” Peter Pan asked.

Ethan nodded. “Since we got back from Heavenly Palace, it’d randomly pop up in my mind, and I’d go through a brief pang.”

Ethan didn’t know what was going on exactly. The flashbacks were blurry, but they never went away. Till now, he could only see fragments of the story.

He could recall that these bits and pieces started sparking in his head when he took a seat on the Dragon Throne.

“What are they exactly?” Peter Pan probed.

“I’m not sure, but I’m positive that someone wants me to know about it.”

What Ethan said gave Peter Pan goosebumps. Someone? Who could that be? Where is this “someone”? That “someone” was an enigma.

They saw consternation in each other eyes. Ethan actually felt that he’d just been used by that “someone” as a medium to convey that particular message.

It felt like there was another soul in him, like how Greedy Wolf had Demon King’s soul in him. It was just that he was less instinctive.

After some hesitation, Peter Pan made a suggestion. “Let’s go to Heavenly Palace again. Maybe we could find answers that will lead us to the truth.”


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