Billionaire God of War Chapter 2419

Chapter 2419

Ethan then focused wholly on a puny sprout beneath a gigantic rock. It looked like it was trying to use its feeble physique to push away the rock’s oppression in order to rise above the ground.

His different emotions interwove as he watched the tiny being making something out of itself.

After some time, he took a deep breath but didn’t help the grass by pushing that rock away. On the contrary, he decided to let it grow on its own. Perhaps the sprout would burgeon into a massive tree and could eventually push the rock out of its way one day.

He then continued his stroll and got to the Southern Gate of Heaven. It used to be a glorious sight to watch. Well, now it’s nothing.

His psychological state kept morphing. Within the battered ruins, it was dead silent. Yet, he saw past that. He saw new lives forming.

What are they trying to tell him?

Step by step, Ethan walked up the stairs that led him to the eerie Dragon Throne. He halted when he came to it and didn’t plunk himself on the throne. It was as if someone was already seated there.

“What do you want me to do?” He hurled his question at the empty chair.

“You led me here to tell me something, didn’t you? Tell me what it is that you want me to do.”

Ethan looked like he was just talking to himself, but he could sense the empty figure looking right back at him.

No replies were given, though.

The Dragon Throne remained empty, and Ethan didn’t budge.

He took a deep breath and said, “Heavenly Palace and the Underworld shouldn’t work against each other. With death, there’s life; and with life, there’s death. The Demon King was wrong, so are you all.”


After Ethan finished his sentence, a bolt of lightning struck. It flashed the sky bright and landed right next to him!

It almost hit him!

“Am I wrong?” Ethan couldn’t care less. “You still feel abhorrence toward Demon King for the wreckage, don’t you?” He then paused for a moment.

“You’re trying to use me to kill Demon King, avenge Heavenly Palace, and rebuild it. Am I right? But it shouldn’t be like that.” Ethan shook his head. “It shouldn’t be…”

A weird sensation kicked in. Ethan had this strong notion of restoring the Heavenly Palace his way, but not according to someone else’s wishes.

Flashes of lightning thwacked the ground inches around Ethan. It looked like warnings as if someone was venting anger at him.

Ethan remained still throughout the ordeal and ignored those ruthless bolts.

Eventually, it stopped.

Ethan reached out his hand to the Dragon Throne and softly tapped it.

“Let bygones be bygones. What happened between you two is for you two to settle, not me. I just want to deal with my current affairs, and I hope you understand.” After expressing his sentiments, he quietly paced toward the Longevity Pond.

He had said everything he wanted, but it wasn’t up to him whether the other party could heed his advice.

Ethan was never a person who’d easily take in words of others. He was strong-minded and extremely opinionated. On top of that, he only believed in his own judgment.

After he walked off, a faint shadow on the throne let out a sigh and smiled. Like a fog, It gradually melted into thin air with the help of the warm sun.

Everything was peaceful again.

The water in the Longevity Pond was still burbling, but more intense now.

Seeing the sparkly splashes of water, Ethan’s eyes gleamed with hope. This Longevity Pond is the key to bringing back Heavenly Palace. This is their source of life. This is where all their spiritual energy is!


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