Billionaire God of War Chapter 2420

Chapter 2420

With life came unlimited possibilities.

However, he was aware that it would take a long time for the Heavenly Palace to regain its liveliness, and even if the day came, there was no bringing back the original occupants.

The Dragon Throne had been left deserted for a long time. He wondered what type of person would be deserving of the throne and who would be allowed entry to the Heavenly Palace.

All the rules and regulations had been broken. Chaos reigned. To restore the Heavenly Palace to its initial glory, there was more that needed to be done than just rebuilding the infrastructure and revivifying the life-force. Order had to be reinstated.

None of this was an easy feat.

It was equivalent to constructing a whole new world!

Just the thought of it made Ethan weary. It was too big of a task to accomplish alone, even with the help of modern technology.

Moreover, he had no idea where to start.

Ethan stood stock-still and immersed himself in the tranquility of the environment. The steady burble of water seemed to purge his soul of frustration as serenity washed over him.

He inhaled deeply and slowly sat down with his legs crossed. His gaze settled on the spurt of water that broke the calmness of the water surface. Finally able to relax completely, his eyes glazed over as he fell into a trance of sorts.

It was a luxury to Ethan. After all, he had been deprived of rest for the past thirty years.

A series of flashbacks flitted through his mind right then.

He had been chased out of his own home when he was young. Thereon, he wandered the streets and came near to death several times. Fortunately, his master took him in and trained him to become the man he was today—the God of War of the East!

After leaving the warzone, he returned to Greencliff and found Diane. From that day onward, his life revolved around protecting, loving, and caring for her and the daughter they had together.

Everything was surreal to Ethan.

Ethan stared blankly at the shimmering water, his thoughts far away. He rarely had the chance to space out like this.

All of a sudden, the ground quaked.

Ethan snapped back to his senses.

The water started roiling as if something was about to emerge from its depths.

Ethan sprang to his feet, on guard against any danger that could come from the Longevity Pond.

However, instead of a monster, the surface of the water rippled and rose to form a screen of sorts. It still glimmered in the sun, but images began to appear on the water screen.


Ethan was at a loss for words. He never imagined that such a thing would appear before him.

Like a projector, the images gradually became clearer. Silhouettes of people danced across the screen, their actions vaguely recognizable.

Ethan scrutinized his surroundings but found nothing out of the ordinary.

“How did this appear?” Ethan wondered out loud.

The water screen seemed to come alive. With a quiver, the images on the water screen sharpened enough for Ethan to distinguish the people on display.

This is amazing!

Everything Ethan had experienced today was beyond common sense. Despite constantly reminding himself that this world was strange and mysterious, just as Enoch said, what they had seen of this world thus far was just the tip of the iceberg,

In fact, it was just the tip of what the world wanted them to see.

The average human would probably be terrified if they witnessed the water screen appear of its own accord.

Ethan’s expression darkened suddenly.

He had been watching the images on the screen, and something caught his eye. Is that man Greedy Wolf? No, it’s the Demon King! The Demon King has revived!

The Demon King had the power to sway the human heart. A look from its twin irises exposed the ugly side of each person. Humanity and kindness ceased to exist, leaving behind selfishness to run rampant. Deception and guile became the new norm in the world of dog-eat-dog.

The image shifted once again. Ethan saw the groups of humans attack each other for seemingly no reason. The world descended into anarchy, overrun by violence and mayhem.

Wars, massacres, raids…

All order was lost. Primal instincts took over as everyone succumbed to their darkest desires. With the demise of conscience and morality, there was no law that could tame the people.

It was a horrific state to be in.

Ethan shuddered at the sight.

If the world really comes to that, humankind will perish.


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