Billionaire God of War Chapter 2423

Chapter 2423

“Even a powerful being like Greedy Wolf is being manipulated by the Demon King. What chance do we mere mortals have against the Demon King?” Ethan heaved a sigh. “I would never put Kye at risk if I had another choice. She’s my daughter, and I would take a bullet for her. However, there are many more people on earth that also need my protection. The only way I can keep Kye safe is if I keep everyone safe. Do you understand?”

Peter Pan remained silent.

The sound of his heavy breaths filled the room.

He understood everything Ethan had said, but he could not accept the truth.

Use Kye? That’s far too dangerous!

Now, Greedy Wolf was under the Demon King’s control, and his mission was to obtain the last Source—Kye. Once he got his hands on it, chaos would ensue.

The fate of the world hung by a thread, and Ethan, whom the burden had been laid upon, felt like he was walking on a tightrope. One wrong step and all of humanity would tumble into a chasm of lawlessness. There was only one way Ethan could clinch this.

They could not afford to lose.

“Is there really no other choice? You can use me as bait!” Peter Pan offered himself up.

“I would be more than happy to let you take Kye’s place if that could work, but as of now, Kye is our only hope,” Ethan said, anguished.

Peter Pan’s fingers curled into fists as his eyes stung with tears.

“How confident are you?” he rasped.

A heavy silence blanketed the both of them before Ethan spoke.

“Not very.”

It took every ounce of Peter Pan’s self-control to not ram his fist into Ethan’s face. He’s not confident, and yet he made such a risky decision?

The urge to strangle Ethan overwhelmed Peter Pan, but he knew all too well that Ethan was right. It was the only way they could succeed.

There was no longer an incentive for Greedy Wolf to reappear. In the last battle, Greedy Wolf had openly told Ethan that he saw the wickedness within Ethan. With that knowledge, there was nothing that the Greedy Wolf had to worry about. All he needed to do was wait for the Demon King to rouse.

The end was inevitable, so there was no point in exposing himself.

Now, the only thing that could entice Greedy Wold was Kye. As the last Source, not only could she escalate the Demon King’s revival, but she would also enhance his powers to the point of achieving eternal life.

Peter Pan was a jumble of emotions. Anger, resignation, and self-blame churned within him. I should have murdered Greedy Wolf when I had the chance. We wouldn’t be in this position if I had. But now, thanks to my lack of foresight, my disciple has to bear the consequences.

“It’s all my fault! If I had killed Greedy Wolf earlier, none of this would have happened. It’s all my fault!” Peter Pan bawled, crushed by crippling disappointment.

“No one is to blame here, and it’ll do us no good anyway. What we have to do now is to lure Greedy Wolf out and use this chance to murder him,” Ethan said. “First, we need to go to the Underworld and awaken the past demon kings. Then, we’ll harness their power to demolish the demon soul fragment within Greedy Wolf. This is the only solution. We must only succeed. We can’t fail this task.”

To succeed and not fail was common sense.

However, it was easier said than done. Accomplishing a mission of this difficulty often entailed sacrifice.

This was nothing to Peter Pan. His only concern was whether Kye would get hurt in the process. The grief of losing his disciple would be too much for him to bear.

“Ethan!” he called out.

Glowering at Ethan, Peter Pan warned, “If I find even a nick on my disciple’s skin, you’re dead meat.”

Ethan would undoubtedly be the most sorrowful should an accident occur to Kye, but this did not faze Peter Pan. He did not care if Ethan or anyone else was in agony. His disciple was the center of his universe, and he could not stand to see her hurt.

Ethan nodded sombrely.

“I would die before anything happened to her.”

Peter Pan’s heart squeezed when he heard Ethan’s words.

He knew that Ethan suffered the most from making this decision. Kye was his daughter and the light of his life. His love for her surpassed anything else in this world.

Nevertheless, Ethan was forced to make the decision to protect everyone. It was the only way he could save his own family.

No one could fathom the weight that sat upon Ethan’s shoulders.


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