Billionaire God of War Chapter 2424

Chapter 2424

It wouldn’t be easy to devise such an elaborate trap.

After all, Ethan had a clear understanding of his opponent. He had dealt with Greedy Wolf’s cunningness before. It would be impossible to deduce him with logic because he was too unpredictable.

Moreover, the child was none other than Kye.

Although Ethan was taking a huge risk, he could not ignore Kye’s safety. In fact, her safety should be his priority.

To fulfill this difficult wish, Ethan needed to plan everything out in detail. He would also require everyone’s cooperation to ensure that things would go smoothly.

Ethan needed to lure Greedy Wolf out and make him lose his temper; at the same time, ensured that Greedy Wolf let his guard down. Although this seemed like an impossible task, Ethan had no choice but to achieve it.

The more Ethan thought about it, the more hopeless he felt.

After all, his opponent was a powerful and terrifying force to be reckoned with.

Nevertheless, Ethan didn’t bother dwelling on it any further. It would be useless to debate if this plan is feasible or not.

Right now, he had to plan this to perfection.

The price of failure was something he and everyone could not afford.

Save for Peter Pan, Ethan kept his plans a secret from everyone else. He didn’t even divulge it to Tom Foster. Promptly, he led Brother Geoff and a few of his men away from Greencliff in secret.

On the other hand, Peter Pan remained in Greencliff to keep Kye company.

“Master, am I doing this correctly?” Now that Kye had developed an interest in martial arts, she constantly begged for Peter Pan to teach her.

Peter Pan had to stifle his laughter when he saw the earnest look on her face.

“Yes, all of your moves are right,” Peter Pan agreed readily.

Since he had always doted on Kye, he did not have the heart to treat her harshly.

But if Brother Geoff and the rest ever made a mistake, Peter Pan would correct them mercilessly.

“Master, you need to be honest.” Kye pouted in indignance. “What if I lose to someone else? Don’t you know that I have plans to become the best martial artist?”

“Haha.” Peter Pan couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “All right. Since you plan on becoming the best martial artist in this world, I should be stricter with you. Are you sure you can handle my training?”

“Of course!” Kye replied in a determined tone.

Five minutes later, a loud cry echoed in the air.

“Master, I can’t take this anymore!” Kye’s legs have begun to tremble from the effort she was exerting in the half-squatting position.

Without waiting for Peter Pan’s instructions, she collapsed to the floor with a loud thud. “Ouch!”

She massaged her bottom to relieve the pain. “Master, this is too difficult. I feel so useless,” Kye mumbled in disappointment.

“That’s not true,” Peter Pan replied affectionately. He patted her head with a soft smile. “Princess, you are the smartest kid I’ve met. Don’t worry; you’ll improve and become even more powerful in the future.”

Peter Pan’s face was filled with nothing but adoration and love. Yet, he felt a stab of regret too. Why did I agree with Ethan’s decision?

Nevertheless, Kye was still Ethan’s daughter. Both of them loved her just the same.

Now that things have progressed thus far, there was no other choice. No matter what happens, I’ll make sure I protect Kye. I don’t care if I lose my life in the process.

From afar, a certain individual observed them carefully.

Although Peter Pan had sensed the person’s presence, he blatantly ignored her.

Peter Pan always had his guard up against Celaine. Despite the fact that she’d saved Kye in the past. It was still Celaine’s fault that Greedy Wolf discovered Kye’s existence as the last Source.

As a result, that had put Kye in severe danger, and Peter Pan couldn’t forgive Celaine for that.

Celaine merely let out a soft sigh as she remained silent.

Even right now, she felt torn.

Now that Greedy Wolf ended up in a situation like this, nothing good would come out of him. Furthermore, Peter Pan was always very protective of Kye. Since I was the one who put her in this precarious situation, he must be wishing for my death.


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