Billionaire God of War Chapter 2425

Chapter 2425

Of course, Celaine was aware of Peter Pan’s caring nature too.

Even if he’s still angry at me, he will not harbor this anger for long.

“I can’t do much but I’ll do my best to protect your peace,” Celaine mumbled under her breath.

With that, she spun on her heel and left.

Peter Pan glanced at her with a conflicted look. Although he opened his mouth and wanted to call after her, Peter Pan hesitated and changed his mind. Helplessly, he shook his head.

In the end, he decided to talk to her only after he had calmed down.

At the same time, Greedy Wolf, the key player of Ethan’s plans, was lurking in the Underworld.

Yet, everyone was clueless about his whereabouts.

The vast and confusing landscape of the Underworld was the perfect hideout. Even Vinny and the rest were not aware of certain places in the Underworld.

Right now, Greedy Wolf wielded the memories of Demon Kings from the past dynasties. The combined memories allowed him to understand the place like the back of his hand. Hence, no one could even come close to his newfound knowledge.

Slowly, Greedy Wolf opened his eyes.

“It looks like the wounds from earlier have healed completely. The strength of your demonic technique is not to be undermined. I have underestimated you,” Greedy Wolf said as he sat cross-legged on the floor.

“Oh, you are finally acknowledging my worth?” Greedy Wolf’s reply came from none other than the Demon King himself.

The two souls shared a body as they conversed back and forth.

“You long for my body while I’m vying for your soul. Isn’t this normal? Besides, it’s still too early to see who’s the winner,” Greedy Wolf remarked.

Greedy Wolf scoffed arrogantly. “Who knows? I might be able to devour you and obtain your demonic technique while retaining my own consciousness.”

“Dream on!” Demon King replied as he sneered mockingly. “That’s an impossible fantasy.”

Despite Greedy Wolf’s threat, Demon King remained as cool as a cucumber. Greedy Wolf did not concern him the slightest bit.

Now that they were both inhabiting the same body, Demon King could read every single one of Greedy Wolf’s thoughts. Even if Greedy Wolf had a sudden revelation, Demon King was confident that he could still react in time.

In other words, it would be impossible for Greedy Wolf to kill him.

After all, if an individual knew that his death was coming, wouldn’t he prepare himself to avoid it?

Moreover, Demon King had already gained control over half of Greedy Wolf’s body.

“You plan to use the Soulstone Array and to revive the souls of the past Demon King in order to eliminate me. Don’t be delusional. Although Ethan has a good understanding of formation lines and can use it to his liking, he does not know much about the Soulstone Array. In fact, no one in this world knows about it. Everyone who learned about Soulstone Array vanished into thin air when they tried to study it,” Demon King bragged.

Demon King’s voice was filled with unadulterated glee. In his eyes, there was no one left to stop him. Since both Greedy Wolf and Ethan were helpless against him, Demon King was practically invincible.

Greedy Wolf replied calmly, “Although I might not be able to kill you. You can’t say the same when it comes to Ethan. I may detest him, but Ethan is no ordinary man. You can’t go against him with logic alone. Don’t get too cocky. You might end up eating your own words.”

Deep down, Greedy Wolf was giddy with joy.

In fact, he found himself eagerly looking forward to Ethan’s next move.

In the past, Ethan had witnessed Demon King’s power firsthand. He also understood Demon King’s goals. Demon King had his eyes set on Kye, who was the last Source. In order to obtain her, Demon King was willing to resort to any measures.

If Demon King got his hands on the Source, he would achieve immortality.

Demon King’s desires had become common knowledge amongst everyone. Therefore, Ethan needed to end Demon King once and for all in order to keep his daughter out of his grasp.

It was the only route that Ethan could pick and a choice that he had to fulfill no matter what.

“Ethan is a man who cares deeply for the people around him. Now that you are targeting his daughter, how do you think he will react?” Greedy Wolf cackled hysterically. “Let’s make a bet, shall we? At the end of the day, Ethan will end your life. The day he does that would be the day I devour you. Haha!”


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