Billionaire God of War Chapter 2426

Chapter 2426

The duo continued to argue with each other. The bizarre sight would have frightened any unfortunate passersby as it looked like Greedy Wolf was yelling at himself.

Both men refused to let the other have the last word.

In many ways, Greedy Wolf’s personality was similar to Demon King. Now that they both shared the same body, things were surprisingly harmonious.

If it were anyone else in Greedy Wolf’s shoes, he would have gone insane.

Greedy Wolf rose to his feet and glanced around his bare surroundings. Slowly, he took a deep breath.

After he’d regained his composure, he outstretched his hands.

“The Underworld may be vast, but most of its land is barren and desolate. Only someone like you would take a liking to this horrible place. If it were me, I would have fled this place a long time ago,” Greedy Wolf muttered sullenly.

Greedy Wolf narrowed his eyes as he looked into the distance.

Aside from towering mountains, the Underworld was devoid of any life. Its grim atmosphere was a stark contrast to the Heavenly Palace.

The jagged peaks and rivers of fire made it seem like a picture straight out of hell.

Greedy Wolf had always been someone who enjoyed solitude and peace. However, the bleak landscape didn’t particularly affect him.

Once again, Greedy Wolf cast a glance around using the twin iris. Immediately, a slight look of surprise flitted across his face.

“It seems like I can’t see it without using the twin iris.” The scenery before Greedy Wolf began to morph when he used the twin iris. There was a thick cover of black smoke that blanketed the entire ground.

Is that the aura of death?

This ominous energy was the total opposite of Qi—the energy emitted by a living person. It was no wonder that Demon King chose to hide in the Underworld.

The Demon King liked this suffocating darkness. After all, he was a true demon conjured from humans’ deepest and darkest fears.

When Greedy Wolf realized this, he couldn’t help but guffaw loudly. “It looks like we are very much alike.”

Demon King did not offer a reply. It seemed like he was in a deep slumber, or he could not be bothered to refute Greedy Wolf’s statement. Either way, Demon King was biding his time to get his hands on Greedy Wolf’s twin iris.

Since his soul had found the perfect host, Demon King was confident that he’d soon be unstoppable. Even if the Heavenly Palace is restored, it will not stand a chance against me.

In the meantime, Ethan led Brother Geoff and the rest to the Heavenly Palace.

When Brother Geoff and his men entered the Heavenly Palace, they could sense that something was vastly different. When they first came here, there was a stifling aura of death that plagued this place. But unlike the past, the air now felt much more refreshing.

“The air here makes me feel so energized! If I spend more time here, I’m sure my strength will improve.”

Brother Geoff glanced at his surroundings. There were already fresh sprouts growing across the ground. There was no doubt that the lush greenery would continue to grow into forests and rivers. In the future, this area would become the home of many animals.

Just the thought of the beautiful scenery alone made him excited.

The wondrous aura of the Heavenly Palace left all of them in utter awe.

“Don’t get distracted. We should make the necessary preparations first,” Ethan instructed.

“All right.” Brother Geoff nodded in reply. Quickly, he snapped out of his daze and called out to the rest of the group. Ethan is right. We aren’t here to fool around. Instead, we’ve come here to handle some important matters.

Ethan quickly handed them a map. After they had cleared up the area, they began to decorate it according to the given blueprint.

Although Brother Geoff and his men were clueless about Ethan’s plans, the stoic look painted across his face meant that it must be something important.

Although they had followed Ethan for several years, it was rare to see such a troubled look on his face.

As his men busied themselves with the tasks, Ethan seemed lost in his own world. He surveyed the area with an unreadable look.

Despite the danger around him, Ethan didn’t even bat an eye. He didn’t even care if he lost his life.

However, I can’t let anything happen to Kye.

Reality seemed to dawn upon him. All of a sudden, it felt as if the area before him had transformed into a bloody battleground. Everywhere Ethan turned, he caught sight of blood and corpses.

In haste, he shook his head to get rid of the grim thoughts.

“What’s the matter?”


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