Billionaire God of War Chapter 2427

Chapter 2427

He felt like he could see the future. Although the vision vanished in the blink of an eye, the image had been burned into his mind.

“What was all that?”

Ethan patted himself on the side of his head to see if he could see it again, but it didn’t work.

Was it just an illusion? Huh… My body sure has gotten a lot stranger lately… Not only has that memory been absorbed into my brain, but my body also feels like it has gotten a lot stronger!

A bright white light was glowing within his dantian.

That was none other than Qi possessed by fighters who have attained a certain level of mastery.

Although Ethan used to be a powerful fighter himself, he had never experienced such a feeling before.

His recent experiences had opened his eyes and taught him many new things.

Peter Pan once told him that Broken Soldier was the epitome of a fighter who had attained the highest level.

Had Broken Soldier not shown any mercy, Greedy Wolf wouldn’t have been able to kill him back then. His greatest weakness was being too soft-hearted, and that cost him his life.

Even so, Peter Pan still regarded Broken Soldier as the representation of a fighter who had unlocked their ultimate potential.

It was this same white light that appeared in Broken Soldier’s dantian, allowing his power to reach its maximum in an instant.

Peter Pan also told him that Broken Soldier was practically unstoppable back then. He was so powerful that Peter Pan and Greedy Wolf were no match for him even if they teamed up against him.

It was a shame that Broken Soldier, an ultimate fighter during that era, died because of a woman.

Of course, Ethan couldn’t care less about Broken Soldier’s personal relationships. He was more concerned about the white light in his dantian.

If this is the fighter’s ultimate potential, does it mean that I’ve unlocked mine as well? It all feels so sudden and bizarre that I find it a little hard to believe. On top of that, my knowledge of the Extreme Fist Technique, as well as the formation lines in the Technique Book, has become a lot deeper! If I’m going against Greedy Wolf, then using these formation lines would be my best bet to defeat him!

Ethan shook his head to clear it of that thought.

No, I don’t have time to worry about all that. Right now, my main priority is to kill Greedy Wolf. Everything else can wait.

With that in mind, he looked up and saw Brother Geoff setting up the place with the others. According to his plans, here would be the grave for both Greedy Wolf and Demon King.

The guys from Heavenly Palace were unable to kill Demon King back then, but it wouldn’t make a difference if I kill him today. If I fail to kill them, then I will most likely be killed.

Ethan was so thorough in his plan that he even made arrangements in case he ended up dying.

Given how far he had come, he had no other choice but to proceed with his plan regardless of how risky and even suicidal it was.


A few boulders were placed on the locations specified by Ethan on the map.

Although Brother Geoff and his men had no idea why Ethan wanted those boulders there, they didn’t ask any questions about it and simply did as they were told.

The look on Ethan’s face was so solemn that they just knew things would be different this time.

Tom Foster lowered his voice as he asked worriedly, “Geoff, Big Boss looks kind of different today. Do you think he is alright?”

Brother Geoff shook his head and glanced at Ethan as he replied, “Don’t ask. All we have to do is carry out our orders, regardless of what they are.”

I can feel it… This is so serious that I might very well end up dying as a result, but I don’t care! I only live to fight by Ethan’s side, so it will be a great honor if I die fighting for him! If death truly is unavoidable this time, then I hope I can prevent everyone else’s with my own life!


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