Billionaire God of War Chapter 2429

Chapter 2429

He then pointed at the Boulder Formation as he continued, “This formation is set up specifically to take down Greedy Wolf and Demon King. I’ll have Kye act as bait to lure Greedy Wolf into showing himself. This is our one and only chance.”

Brother Geoff and the others were utterly shocked when they heard that.

“What did you say, Big Boss? You’re going to use Princess as bait? That’s too dangerous! Let me do it instead!” Brother Geoff protested anxiously.

“No, I should be the one to do it! You can’t let Princess do this, Big Boss!” Tom Foster yelled with his eyes all red.

They assumed they would be the ones to bait Greedy Wolf, so they were completely taken aback when they found out Ethan had chosen Kye for the task.

Ethan tried his best to play it casually as he said, “I’ve made up my mind on this. Besides, this is our only option. Greedy Wolf won’t show up if I used you guys as bait anyway. Once he shows up, we’ll gang up on him and kill him on the spot. If this doesn’t work, then we’re all going to die.”

Despite how simple he made things sound, Brother Geoff and the others could feel the tension in the air.

They knew Ethan wouldn’t have resorted to using his daughter as bait if the situation allowed it.

After all, Kye was his most precious daughter. On top of that, she was also Peter Pan’s disciple and their favorite niece.

“Did you tell Boss Diane about this?” Brother Geoff asked in a trembling voice after hesitating for a bit.

Ethan shook his head.

There’s no way I could ever tell Diane about this! She would never agree to it!

He took a deep breath and said, “I’ll protect Kye with my life, so she’ll be all right. I won’t let anything happen to her.”

“We’ll protect her with our lives too!” Brother Geoff and the others shouted in unison.

They finally understood what Ethan was putting at stake. He was the kind of person who would sacrifice his life without any hesitation if that was all it took, so using Kye as bait was definitely the most difficult decision he had ever made.

As such, mistakes and failure were not an option at all.

“You guys can go ahead and rehearse the strategy to familiarize yourselves with this Battle Formation Spell. It is crucial that you all know exactly what to do when Greedy Wolf shows up. We must kill him so that Demon King’s soul will never return! This is our only chance!”

“Yes, Big Boss!” Brother Geoff and the others shouted in response.

Ethan then returned to Greencliff by himself while they stayed behind to train.

The atmosphere at home was the same as usual since no one knew about Ethan’s plan. Although Peter Pan was in the know, he didn’t dare to tell any of them about it.


Kye threw herself at Ethan and wrapped her arms around his neck the moment she saw him return.

“What is it, sweetheart? You have something interesting to show me?” Ethan asked with a smile.

“Look at my nails, Daddy! Do they look nice?” she said excitedly while holding all ten fingers up to his face.

She had drawn pictures on all of them with colored pencils.

Ethan nodded. “Yeah, they do.”

Kye frowned and shook her head. “You didn’t even look at them, Daddy! This won’t do! Let’s start over!”

She then ran back into her room before he could even respond.

“Daddy!” she called out before throwing herself at him like she did earlier.

Ethan played along and repeated his question, “What is it, sweetheart? You have something interesting to show me?”

“Look at my nails, Daddy! Do they look nice?” she asked while holding her fingers up to his face a second time.

“Wow! They look amazing!” Ethan exclaimed with an exaggerated look of surprise on his face.


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