Billionaire God of War Chapter 2428

Chapter 2428

Ethan proceeded to rearrange the boulders of varying sizes.

He had encountered a Boulder Formation when he entered the passage with Greedy Wolf back then. However, the Boulder Formation ignored Greedy Wolf completely and only attacked Ethan.

This time, he was modifying the Boulder Formation to suit his needs.

Brother Geoff and the others had moved the boulders to the spots specified by him on the map.

The boulders all varied in size, location, and direction. They even had to modify the shape for some of them, a task which required a huge amount of energy.

Even so, they did it patiently as they knew how important it was for Ethan. His expression alone indicated the seriousness of the situation, and they had a feeling it could very well be their final battle alongside him.

Everyone was drenched in sweat by the time they had completed their tasks.

“All done, Big Boss. Please check and see if it’s okay,” Brother Geoff said while wiping the sweat off his forehead.

Ethan inspected everything seriously to make sure it was all correct before nodding his head.

“Okay, this will do.”

He then took a deep breath as he turned to face Brother Geoff and the others.

“Do you guys have any questions?”

Brother Geoff shook his head. “No. We’ll do anything you tell us, Big Boss.”

Everyone else nodded in agreement. They were curious at first, but they came to realize that there was no need to ask Ethan anything as they would help him out unconditionally.

“With the way things are right now, we don’t have a choice. The burden we bear is so huge that I sometimes wonder if I’ve made the wrong decision. It is unfair of me to have you guys bear this burden with me. You could all live peaceful and simple lives instead of risking everything like this,” Ethan said.

“You’re being kind of naggy today, Big Boss! I’ll gladly go through hell and high water with no regrets!” One of the wolves exclaimed with a frown.

He had always been the type to speak his mind loudly and boldly.

“Me too! I’m willing to die for your sake!” Brother Geoff chimed in as well.

They weren’t used to Ethan displaying such indecisiveness and sentiment.

The Big Boss they knew was the ruthless, domineering, and unbeatable ruler of Greencliff.

“We don’t regret this at all, Big Boss! You’re right about us being able to live peaceful lives, but we don’t want that! We want to be strong and powerful so we don’t disappoint the citizens who believe in us!” Brother Geoff said.

“Even if it means dying in the process?”

Brother Geoff shook his head. “Long gone are the days where I fear death.”

“We’re not afraid to die either!” everyone else shouted in unison.

The men had noticed something while arranging the boulders earlier. There were eighteen boulders, and there were eighteen of them in total. That meant the formation would require all of them to use their Battle Formation Spell at the same time.

This was probably the greatest amount of power they could possibly unleash so far, so they knew full well the kind of enemy they were up against.

Greedy Wolf!

Greedy Wolf was the largest threat at that time, so killing him was the only way to restore peace.

However, it would be an incredibly dangerous battle that could result in everyone dying, including Ethan.

Ethan simply took a deep breath and nodded at them in response. “I am truly blessed to have met all of you!” he said after a long pause.


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