Billionaire God of War Chapter 2434

Chapter 2434

Ethan had let them go before.

To be more accurate, he had allowed them to live twice. Ethan had said that as long as they did not commit crimes or harm anyone, he would not kill them.

It did not matter that they were inhabitants of the Underworld.

As long as they did not provoke Ethan or harm his loved ones, he would never kill them.

All this while, Ethan had always followed this principle.

Vinny knew this, so he understood that Darius deserved to die. After all, Darius dared to lay his hand on Ethan’s daughter, so anyone in Ethan’s position would do the same.

However, Ethan did not harm Vinny and the others since they did not seek to make enemies with him.

Therefore, Vinny was more willing to trust Ethan instead of the Demon King. At least Ethan still had some humanity left in him and would not kill indiscriminately. Furthermore, even though he had immense powers, he would not oppress others.

“All we want is to live.” Vinny laughed bitterly. “All of us know that pursuits and ambitions mean nothing. There is nothing more important than survival. Although the Underworld is not a nice place, it is still somewhere we had grown up in and lived most of our lives. If the Underworld could return to the way it was, we can remain in the Underworld forever and not disturb the outside world.”

Vinny and his people were willing to promise that.

If not for Greedy Wolf’s arrival and the Demon King’s return, they would never want to come out of the Underworld.

They would have stayed there. There was nothing wrong with that. In the past, the war with Heavenly Palace nearly destroyed the Underworld. They could almost see the devastating scene before their eyes, so no one wished for another war.

Everyone knew that there was no winner in war.

Ethan glanced at Vinny. “You have good common sense. No one likes war. Those who learned martial arts should understand even more what war means.”

Martial arts promote peace, and the use of physical force is only justified in self-defense. Therefore, the purpose of learning martial arts is to stop wars and reduce their casualties. Yet, how many people know the true meaning of martial arts? It’s to protect!

“I can trust you.” Ethan paused and continued, “If our goal is the same, I can trust you.”

Vinny replied, “I don’t wish to die. I want to live my life in peace and let everyone in the Underworld enjoy the same peace. There is nothing more important than this.”

Now, the Demon King causes instability in the Underworld. He has taken over Greedy Wolf’s body and increased in power. Once Demon King recovers his full strength in the future, his greed will return too. Then, he would wish to expand his authority and conquer. Court Chiefs and warriors like us would have nowhere to escape. He will force us to go to war and get us killed. No one wishes to die!

Vinny continued, “Please tell me what you need me to do, and I will do as you say. However, I have only this request. After the Demon King died and everything returned to normal, I promise that the inhabitants of the Underworld will never come out again. However, you must also undertake not to enter there!”

With Ethan’s abilities, he can destroy the Underworld if he wishes. If that happens, the Underworld would be doomed. No one can go against him.

“Do you think I would do that?” Ethan chuckled before continuing, “To me, all wars are meaningless.”

“It assures me to hear you say that.” Vinny stood up, cupped his hands, and said, “I trust you not to break your promise.”

Ethan stood up and replied, “I hope we can work together successfully and defeat the Demon King!”

After asking Ethan a few more questions, Vinny understood what Ethan wanted him to do.

It did not require much effort. In fact, Vinny only needed to inform the Demon King about something.

After Vinny left, Peter Pan came out of hiding and asked, “Can he be trusted?”


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