Billionaire God of War Chapter 2435

Chapter 2435

Peter Pan was concerned about Kye’s safety and did not dare to be careless. Thus, he did not believe they could trust the inhabitants of the Underworld.

Ethan answered, “It doesn’t matter.”

We don’t have much time left and will need to take risks. However, nothing is more important than achieving our goal. Therefore, I’m willing to go through with it despite the risks.

He glanced at Peter Pan and said, “We don’t have much time left. Judging from the situation, I believe the Demon King has consumed his predecessors’ remnants and recovered a significant part of his power. He only needs to find the final Source to recover fully and even obtain immortality. It is unavoidable. Therefore, he would definitely come for Kye.”

Taking a deep breath, Ethan replied, “We don’t have a choice.”

Peter Pan opened his mouth as if to say something but decided against it.

He shook his head, indicating that Ethan did not have to say anymore. Although he did not want to accept it, he had no choice. The Demon King must die so that all troubles would end once and for all and that Ethan could live and grow up healthily.

The Demon King is our only and biggest threat! Kye will never be safe unless he is dead. Therefore, I’m willing to pay any price to kill him.

Peter Pan had considered this. Thus, he would not hesitate if he ever needed to sacrifice his life.

Ethan watched Peter Pan walk away and knew that deep down in his heart that this was a cruel decision. However, as a father, no matter how much it hurt him, he had no choice but to do it.

If needed, he would be more than willing to sacrifice himself for his child’s safety.

“Daddy! Where did you go? Come play with me!” Kye’s childish voice came from inside the house.

“I’m on my way!” Ethan responded and ran into the house.

Kye was sitting on a wooden rocking horse and was excited to see him. “Daddy! Quick! Watch me ride the horse! I’m good at it, right?”

Ethan coaxed, “Yes, you are good at this. Let me bring you to somewhere fun.”

“Somewhere fun? Where?”

“You will know once we are there.” Ethan carried Kye in his arms. “It’s an incredible place. You have never been there before. There are many things to play with and wonderful things you have never seen before.”

“Really?” Kye’s eyes brightened with excitement.

“Yes, Mr. Geoff and his friends are there too,” Ethan answered.

“Hey, why didn’t they tell me that they went there to play? I’m going to tell Master about it!” Kye pretended to be angry. “Where is Master? Is he there too?”

Kye glanced around for Peter Pan but could not find him.

“Your master will be heading there too.” Ethan thought for a moment before nodding. “He will definitely be going.”

How can I not worry about her?

Ethan added, “Oh! We should leave now, so Mommy doesn’t find out. We won’t be able to go if she does.”

Kye could not wait any longer, so she clung to Ethan’s neck and whispered, “Let’s go quickly and come home after we have fun. Can we bring Mommy with us next time to give her a surprise?”

“Sure.” Ethan nodded and did not say anything else. He quickly brought Kye out of Greencliff and headed toward the mountains.

He kept this matter a secret. Apart from Brother Geoff and his team, only Peter Pan knew about it.

However, none of them knew that a disaster would befall them. Furthermore, Ethan and his friends would have to shoulder it.

At the same time, Vinny returned to the Underworld and felt a little nervous. After calming his emotions for a while, he headed to the Demon King’s palace.

Vinny kneeled and greeted respectfully, “Greetings, my King!”

“You’re back so soon. What have you found?” The Demon King opened his eyes wide and bored right through Vinny, trying to see through his facade.

Without looking up, Vinny said respectfully, “I did not find anything. I believe Ethan has hidden his daughter. However, I found another clue which might be of use!”


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