Billionaire God of War Chapter 2436

Chapter 2436

“Oh? What did you find?” The Demon King narrowed his eyes as he looked at Vinny. His voice was filled with sinister intentions.

Vinny could not help but tremble inside when he heard the Demon King’s words.

“Ethan has hidden his daughter in the Heavenly Palace.” Vinny continued respectfully, “He knew you would target his daughter. Therefore, he could only hide her there.”

Suddenly, the Demon King laughed. His sinister laughter gave Vinny goosebumps.

The Demon King then walked toward Vinny. The latter was nervous, but he did not dare to express it.

After a while, the Demon King sneered and said, “Did you think that I didn’t know? Did you really think that I didn’t know Ethan will hide his daughter in the Heavenly Palace?”

Vinny said quickly, “As expected, my King, you are the wisest!”

His heart was beating wildly, and he was on the verge of losing his composure.

Ordinary people could not control their fear under the Demon King’s oppressive presence.

Even if the Demon King did not say anything or show suspicion, his presence caused fear. Vinny could not help but feel as if the Demon King could see through his pretense.

The Demon King snorted and said coldly, “Of course, I knew he would hide his daughter in the Heavenly Palace. I also expected him to be fully prepared to face me. He is planning to kill me in the Heavenly Palace!”

Vinny felt his heart sank.

“If he does not kill me, his daughter will always be in danger. I must get that final Source!” The Demon King’s tone was full of disdain. He did not sound concerned with Ethan’s plan at all.

He did not care who was against him or how powerful they were. He believed that he could kill anyone who dared to challenge him.

That unwavering confidence filled Vinny with fear.

The Demon King had terrifying powers. That was why he dared to have such confidence.

“My King, since Ethan has set a trap, will you still go? Ethan is quite powerful and has many skilled fighters with him. Since they have prepared to face you, won’t it be dangerous to go?” Vinny asked.

Then, Vinny added, “My King, please do not misinterpret my concern. I do not doubt your power. I’m just worried because Ethan is sly.”

“Hmph, who are they compared to me? I have absolute power. All tricks and schemes are useless against me! Furthermore, the final Source is vital to me. I must have it!” Demon King scoffed.

Without that Source, Demon King could not obtain true immortality. He would need a long time to recover his former abilities, and it would be impossible for him to advance further without the Source.

No matter what, I must get hold of Kye. I don’t care who Ethan is or how powerful he can be. None of those matters to me. No one in this entire universe can stop me!

Upon that, Vinny praised, “My King, you are formidable and shall live forever!”

However, he felt that something was not right.

Ethan needed me to lure the Demon King into the Heavenly Palace, but it was unnecessary. He is determined to find Kye, so it does not matter that Ethan hid her in the Heavenly Palace. The Demon King would still hunt her down. Thus, it would be difficult to avoid a war. My greatest fear now is that Ethan won’t be able to stop him. The Demon King is too powerful, and no one knows how much power he has recovered. He seems so confident and doesn’t regard Ethan as a threat.

Worries flitted across Vinny’s mind as he was concerned Ethan was not prepared well enough for this.

Suddenly, the Demon King asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Vinny could not help but shudder. At that, he forced himself to stay focused.

“My King, I was just thinking whether there is anything that we can help you with,” Vinny answered quickly.

For the entire time, Vinny kept his head down. He feared that the Demon King could look into his eyes and know what he was thinking.


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