Billionaire God of War Chapter 2437

Chapter 2437

No matter how panicked Vinny was, he kept reminding himself to be careful and act convincingly. He could not afford to raise any suspicion. Otherwise, the Demon King would not hesitate to exterminate him.

“It’s good that you’re thinking about that,” the Demon King said casually.

He then considered a while before continuing, “Fine, I don’t need you here, but I have an assignment for you.”

“Your wish is my command!” Vinny said courteously.

At the same time, Ethan had brought Kye to the Heavenly Palace.

Kye was stunned to see the scene before her. The place was in ruins. Even if there was a hint of life, most sites were dilapidated.

The foggy mist in the air transformed the place into a heavenly realm. It was as if they were in a different world.

“It’s nice here.” Kye closed her eyes and tilted her head up. She felt peaceful as she breathed in the fresh air.

Then, she opened her mouth and playfully sucked in a few breaths before making a face at Ethan. “The air here tastes good.”

Ethan could not help but laugh when he saw her funny expressions. “Are you sure you can eat air?”

“Yeah!” Instantly, Kye acted as if she was chewing something in her mouth, and that made Ethan laugh again.



Soon after that, Kye heard a familiar voice coming from afar.

“It’s Mr. Geoff and the gang!” she shouted and ran toward the Boulder Formation.

When she saw Geoff and the others flittering among the Boulder Formation, she shouted, “Mr. Geoff! I’m here!”

She waved her hands and sprinted off, chasing after Geoff and his team.

Geoff and his team were stunned to see that Ethan had brought Kye here. However, they regained their senses quickly and concealed their worried expressions. Then, they laughed and ran away.

“Princess is here! Come catch me!”

“Come here and play hide and seek with us. Princess, come catch me!”

“Everyone, hide quickly. Don’t let Princess catch you.”

About a dozen people disappeared and hid behind the boulders. They were playing with Kye.

They did not make a noise but remained still and observed where Kye went.

“I see you!” Kye tried to trick them. She quickly rushed behind a boulder but could not find anyone.

“Huh? Why isn’t anyone here? I thought I saw Mr. Geoff running toward here. Oh, I know what’s going on. He tricked me. He must be behind there!” Kye quickly dashed to another side of the bolder but could not find anyone.

With that, her curiosity piqued, and she chuckled to herself. “You guys better hide properly. I’m going to find you all soon!”

Then, she walked among the Boulder Formation. Whenever she saw a shadow of movement, she rushed in that direction, but no one was there. After playing for some time, she still could not find anyone.

At that, Kye said indignantly, “Aren’t you all bullying me? How can you all hide so well!”

She glanced around for a moment and snorted. “Hurry up and come out! I don’t want to play anymore!”

Brother Geoff and the others signaled to each other behind the boulders and came out together. They rushed to Kye and surrounded her. Then, one of them carried her in his arms.

“Aren’t we all here!” Brother Geoff said.

Kye replied indignantly, “I couldn’t find you because you were all hiding. The boulders are too big. You all must have circled the boulders to hide from me!”

Brother Geoff and the others exchanged glances.

In actuality, they did not move and were right behind the boulders. However, Kye did not see them. She even ran past them without noticing.

Suddenly, their eyes lit up with a realization.


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