Billionaire God of War Chapter 2442

Chapter 2442

Their mission was to eliminate the Demon King.

Even if they had to pay the hefty price of life, they would stop at nothing to murder the demon.

Determination filled their faces that instance. At this moment, they cleared their minds of all distractions as their gazes latched onto the Demon King, who was still in battle with Ethan.

He was their target!

As of now, they were waiting for Ethan to lure the Demon King to the Boulder Formation. Once he was within the range of attack, they would go all out and fight with all their might.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Ethan’s Extreme Fist Technique was already at its peak. The air around him surged with his large movements.

The incredible friction of their punches created enough heat to raise the temperature around them.

The Demon King was stunned. He never expected Ethan to hold his own for so long, let alone increase the intensity of his attacks.

This level of talent in combat was not possible for mortals.

“Not bad, not bad at all!” The Demon King cackled, his words filled with sarcasm.

An ancient demon like him had been in countless fights and thus had a lot more experience on the battlefield than Ethan. He knew that the trick to gaining the upper hand in a close match was to wreck the opponent’s mentality.

Physical lethargy was seldom the cause for loss in fights. Ironically, many were defeated when their confidence crumbled upon realizing that they could not win their opponent.

It was the lack of perseverance that brought about their demise.

However, Ethan did not fall under this category. He had a high emotional capacity, and there was little that could faze him. He paid no heed to any of the Demon King’s jibes.

Only one thought pervaded his mind—to protect.

Annihilating the Demon King was the only way to keep his loved ones out of harm’s way, and he was willing to sacrifice his life to fulfill this responsibility.

Brushing aside all of the Demon King’s taunts, Ethan threw punch after punch, switching up his combinations strategically to catch his opponent off guard. He paced himself wisely and took control of the fight.

Ethan’s blows were fast and precise; even the Demon King would slip up and take a few punches. Though none of the hits were deadly, the Demon King was utterly humiliated.

I can’t believe I was hit by Ethan three consecutive times!


Another punch hit its target. Both Ethan and the Demon King were thrown backward from the impact.

Ethan shoulder’s had been mauled by the Demon King’s razor-sharp claws. The flesh was badly mangled, and crimson blood gushed out of the gaping wound. It was a gruesome sight.

Meanwhile, blood trickled down the corner of the Demon King’s lips.

He lifted a hand to wipe it off as his gaze turned glacial.

“Who would have thought that you have so much potential,” the Demon King quipped.

As his Adam’s apple bobbed, more blood bubbled up to his lips and spurted out of his mouth.

He finally understood why Ethan ignored his words—the man focused all his energy on delivering blows and finding vulnerable spots. The Demon King had severely underestimated the power of Ethan’s hits.

Although they left no distinguishable bruises on the Demon King’s skin, the force of each punch traveled to his insides and caused significant damage to his internal organs.

If the Demon King had not been quick to cushion the blow, he would have suffered worse injuries.

“Didn’t you say that this is just a tenth of the full capacity of the Extreme Fist Technique? There must be much more left for me to learn since I didn’t kill you immediately,” Ethan said impassively.

The Demon King scoffed.

He was no stranger to the Extreme Fist Technique, but it was his first time seeing a combat style like Ethan’s.

The Demon King’s previous opponent was far less brazen in his attacks. Ethan, on the other hand, could somehow surpass the outer barriers and directly hurt the internal organs.

There’s no way a puny human can perfect that skill. Who, apart from someone like me, could attain such mastery?

The Demon King had endured innumerable trials and had honed his skills to the point where even the ends of his hair could kill a person. It was difficult for him to believe that a mortal could match his ability.

I could have died today. But now that I know what Ethan is capable of, there is nothing to fear. As long as I am well-prepared, he won’t be able to touch even a strand of my hair!

Both sides were formidable in their own right. Although the Demon King continued to ridicule Ethan, he was aware of its futility.

Ethan was far too composed to be affected by the underhanded tactic.

In fact, his serene disposition was uncharacteristic of humans.


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