Billionaire God of War Chapter 2443

Chapter 2443

The Demon King and Ethan stared at each other, their gazes unwavering as they caught their breaths and prepared themselves for another go.


The Demon King made the first move.

Although Ethan’s strong front only slipped for a split second, the Demon King could tell that he was exhausted.

After all, Ethan was just an average human being.

It was impossible for him to withstand long hours of battle against an almighty deity.

Without further ado, he hurtled toward Ethan and lashed out with his claws. Ethan swiftly brought a fist up to intercept the attack. However, it was clear that he was losing momentum as his knees buckled under the force. Ethan slid several steps backward before he finally regained his footing.

“You’ve done a great job making it this far, but it won’t be enough!”

The Demon King guffawed. Now that Ethan was depleted of energy, the Demon King wanted to end the fight quickly.

The plan was to kill Ethan and capture Kye.


The Demon King charged toward Ethan once again, who gritted his teeth and blocked the attack. The two launched into another fight, their fast, graceful movements akin to a dangerous dance.

The ground seemed to quake from the intensity of their battle. The fact that such power originated from a mortal was unbelievable.

“Why are you getting slower? Seems like you really are fizzling out. You can’t even push yourself further if you tried to,” the Demon King mocked.

Nevertheless, Ethan did not reply. Every word he uttered seemed to steal a portion of energy from him, leaving him weaker and slower.

However, his eyes gleamed with resolve, their frostiness enough to send chills down one’s spine.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Unfortunately, Ethan was losing despite his persistence. The Demon King’s powers did not seem to be impeded by his injuries. On the contrary, the wounds only seemed to fuel his anger as his blows rained down on Ethan. He wanted to kill Ethan while he was too tired to counter.

“Why are you backing away? Your daughter is right behind you, don’t you know that? Let me tell you this—I’m going to kill her and gouge her eyes out. With those beautiful orbs, I’ll be able to preserve this physical body and achieve eternal life!”

Howling with laughter, the Demon King continued to provoke Ethan. On the contrary, Ethan remained silent as he continued to retreat toward the Boulder Formation.


Suddenly, the Demon King vanished into thin air. Just as Ethan was trying to regain his senses, the Demon King materialized right before him.

“No!” Ethan cried in horror as he lifted both arms to shield his face. At the same time, the Demon King’s fist flew toward him, slamming into Ethan’s hand with a loud thud.

Ethan shot backward like a bullet from a rifle and crashed into a boulder. He rolled on the ground a few times before coming to a halt.

An agonized moan escaped his lips.

Blood spilled out of his mouth as his face turned a ghastly white.

Ethan struggled to get back on his feet, using the boulder to prop himself up. He was gasping from exertion and pain—a dead giveaway that he was on his last legs despite his steady gaze.

“What, you can’t hold on much longer?” The Demon King sneered as he slowly approached Ethan.

Ethan was a ticking time bomb, and the Demon King had to eliminate him. There was something was off about the way Ethan utilized the Extreme Fist Technique, and that made him a threat to the Demon King.

In the Demon King’s eyes, the only way to prevent future obstacles was by killing off Ethan.

“Are you thinking about killing me?” Ethan asked with a smirk. “I’ll never let you take my daughter.

He slowly raised a fist and watched the Demon King near him.

“Is that so?”

Mirroring Ethan’s actions, the Demon King put his fist in the air.

“Not only am I going to take your daughter, but I’ll also let you watch your daughter become an offering! Furthermore, before I truly obtain eternal life, you’ll get to witness the destruction of this world!”

The Demon King let out a peal of laughter as if he could see the devastation before his eyes. “Every human has a dark side, and I’ll be sure to expose all of you! I’ll make sure everyone embraces their true self!”

Ethan’s face clouded over.

The Demon King continued, “You probably never gave it much thought, but your so-called rules, morals, and laws are chains that restrict you and prevent you from showing your true colors.”

The Demon King’s laughter cut off suddenly as his expression turned sober. “Have you ever wondered what this world would look like if everyone just succumbed to their nature?” he asked with a Demon Kingish smile.


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