Billionaire God of War Chapter 2444

Chapter 2444

What will it become?

It will become hell that reeks of crimes and violence!

Ethan squinted his eyes as he listened to the Demon King’s crazy words. He made up his mind to prevent the Demon King from succeeding, no matter the costs.

He knew that a person who wasn’t restrained by any moral values or laws couldn’t control his desires.

All of us have our unknown sides yet can restrain ourselves. It’s the precondition to achieving peace.

However, Ethan couldn’t imagine the consequences when some people didn’t control their selfish nature but even deliberately explored it.

“Dream on!” Ethan shouted.

“Hahaha! Soon you’ll know if I’m only dreaming.”

After the Demon King bellowed, he suddenly accelerated to sprint toward Ethan.

Meanwhile, Ethan was leaning against the rock and seemed exhausted.

The man could not move an inch, but the Demon King’s powerful punch was nearing minute by minute.


The Demon King landed his punch on the rock as Ethan successfully dodged his attack. The next moment, the rock cracked and was reduced to rubble.

“Trying to run away? Hah! You wish!”

When Ethan ran toward the rubble, the Demon King immediately sprinted after him.

Surprisingly, the ground quaked as soon as the Demon King rushed into the rubble.

The Demon King stopped running and turned around to check the surroundings. He realized that the entrance was blocked by several rocks, yet Ethan was nowhere in sight.

“Is this a trap?”

The Demon King sneered, for he had probably expected that Ethan would set up traps to trap or even kill him. Despite that, he was unperturbed. “Do you think some trash like this can stop me? Ethan, you underestimated me and overestimated yourself. If someone as powerful as you can’t stop me, what else can ever be my obstacle?”

With that, the Demon King threw a ferocious punch at a rock.


Instantly, the rock shattered into pieces.

However, no matter how many rocks the Demon King destroyed, others moved continuously to trap him at the center.




Using his twin iris, the Demon King saw three figures charging toward him at lightning speed.

The Demon King couldn’t help but feel furious.

How dare Ethan get some ordinary folks to kill me? I feel humiliated!

“Meet your doom!” the Demon King shouted.

However, as soon as he launched a palm strike, the figures became shadows and disappeared right before his eyes.

Before the Demon King came to his senses, a strong gust of wind blew toward his back. He turned around swiftly but couldn’t see anyone.

It’s too fast! How is it possible?

Although the Demon King could see three figures, they disappeared as soon as he attacked. Besides, he didn’t hear any noise and could only feel the gust of wind when it struck him.

After calming himself down, the Demon King turned around and squinted. The next moment, more light rays were emitted from his twin iris, for he wanted to observe the surrounding.

“I didn’t expect that you’re good at making formations. You even planned to lure me into your trap. Ethan, you’re indeed cunning. Sadly, no matter how hard you try, your effort will be in vain!”

The Demon King continued laughingly, “I can feel the Source now. You’ll regret bringing me here!”


As soon as the Demon King finished, a punch came out of nowhere and landed on his face.

It was so swift that the Demon King had no time to react.

He retreated a few steps but still didn’t see anyone in front of him.

“Such an attack can never hurt me. What’s the point of even trying it?”

Chuckling, the Demon King wasn’t furious but even found it amusing.


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