Billionaire God of War Chapter 2445

Chapter 2445

The Demon King had figured out that Ethan only asked some ordinary folks to attack him with the help of the formation.

Ethan was indeed fast and could hide his Qi. Nevertheless, the Demon King thought he wouldn’t get hurt even if he stood still to withstand the attacks.

Besides, he can’t possibly maintain the formation for a long time.

I’ll begin my slaughter as soon as the formation disappears!

Unperturbed by the constant attacks, the Demon King slowly strode into the depth of the formation.

“Ethan, why don’t you show yourself? At the very least, you can withstand my attack. The others are merely some rubbish.

“Come on. I said that I wouldn’t kill you. Instead, I’ll let you watch the whole world get destroyed and your daughter die before you!

“Don’t wait for me to strike, for you’ll only feel more pain!”

The Demon King kept talking like a maniac.

Besides, his twin iris kept changing as he observed the surroundings. He wished to find out who and where the persons were in the formation.

After all, he was annoyed that they kept disturbing him like a group of flies.

Brother Geoff and the rest had been hiding in the Boulder Formation for quite some time. Although they successfully ambushed and attacked the Demon King more than twenty times, no damage was inflicted upon him.

Hence, they knew that they could hardly kill the Demon King even if he stood still.

“Damn it!”

Brother Geoff felt frustrated at that moment.

After all, they were good fighters and even regarded by ordinary folks as legendary superheroes.

Since the Demon King was stronger, Brother Geoff and the rest had to find a way to break his defense.

Their bond was strong, for they worked together for many years. Even though they didn’t speak, they knew what the others wanted to do almost instantly.

At that juncture, their mission was to identify his vulnerable point.

To do that, they had to constantly try to attack.

Everyone had vulnerable points, and the Demon King was no exception. Once they discovered his weakness, they could grab the chance to inflict heavy damage upon him or even kill him.

However, the Demon King’s prowess was indeed terrifying. After all, even someone as strong as Ethan could only hurt the Demon King but not kill him.

Meanwhile, Ethan was also observing the Demon King silently.

In the Boulder Formation, Brother Geoff and the rest seemed to be the main assaulters. Nonetheless, Ethan was tasked with throwing the most powerful blow at the Demon King.

“I didn’t expect that the old man has become so strong. The Demon King who recovered by consuming souls became almost impregnable,” Ethan said.

Everything will be over if he has fully recovered. If that happens, I’m afraid he can’t even be killed by bombs.

How is this even possible?

Ethan took a deep breath, trying his best to recover his energy as soon as possible.

A moment later, Ethan came out from the back of a rock and appeared before the Demon King.

“You’re right. I should kill you by myself. After all, you’re probably unwilling to accept it if someone else kills you.”

Once Ethan showed up, the Demon King sneered, “Unfortunately, you can’t kill me. To be exact, no one in this world can ever kill me! After all, I’ve already killed the person who could kill me! Hahaha!”

As the Demon King spoke, he lifted his head slowly and could smell that Kye was nearby. Right then, he could feel that the final Source was at the center of the Boulder Formation!

Does Ethan think he can trap me using the Boulder Formation? Hah! How ridiculous and childish!

Apart from that, the ferocious aura exuded from his body became increasingly intense.

Suddenly, the Demon King released a gust of dark energy and surrounded the area. Ethan’s expression turned grim upon noticing it. Did the Demon King hide his prowess just now?

“No one has ever seen the peak of my power. Although I haven’t fully recovered, let me show you my terrifying power!”

The Demon King continued calmly, “This world is full of unfathomable mysteries, and thus ordinary folks like you guys will never understand.

“Ethan, you’re indeed outstanding. It’s a pity that you’ve met me. From now on, accept your fate!”


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