Billionaire God of War Chapter 2446

Chapter 2446

As the powerful dark energy surrounded the entire Boulder Formation, the sky suddenly turned dark.

It was as though the sun was devoured, and night fell almost instantly. One could hardly see anything at that moment.

Meanwhile, Ethan looked worried, for he didn’t expect that the Demon King still had a card up his sleeve.

“Since I can’t see you, none of you can see me too!” The Demon King’s terrifying voice emerged from the darkness.

The Demon King is brutally strong!

Everyone was shocked that the Demon King could react swiftly by releasing the demonic aura to engulf the Boulder Formation and prevent Brother Geoff and the rest from seeing him.

“Guys, be cautious and don’t act recklessly!” Ethan reminded.

Since the Demon King had disappeared, Brother Geoff’s only advantage had vanished. At that moment, the situation was upended.

Although the environment was the same, the Demon King’s sensing capability improved a lot with the twin iris that he acquired from the Greedy Wolf. Under such circumstances, Brother Geoff and the rest would be in danger.

Having made up his mind, Ethan gritted his teeth and rushed into the darkness.

Although Ethan could roughly sense the Demon King’s location, he was aware that taking on the Demon King under such circumstances was dangerous.

Meanwhile, the rest also didn’t expect that the Demon King still had such a terrifying move.

When their previous attacks couldn’t inflict much damage upon the Demon King, they planned to ramp up their attacks with the Battle Formation Spell. Unfortunately, the situation turned out to be extremely dire before they could even use it.

“What should we do?” One of the wolves couldn’t help but ask, “How can we attack when we can’t see our target?”

Before that, they already knew that their attacks didn’t deliver any positive results. Now that the Demon King was nowhere in sight, they thought their attacks would be futile.

Nonetheless, they weren’t worried about their lives, for they were prepared to die in the Boulder Formation since the beginning.

After all, everyone would die if they failed in killing the Demon King.

“Calm down!”

Brother Geoff said, “Have you forgotten how we used to train ourselves? There are fighting tactics even if we can’t see our opponent!”

Deep down, Brother Geoff believed Ethan could find a way to deal with it. Before that happened, they had to stay calm and focused. At the very least, they had to hide well to prevent the Demon King from destroying the formation.

“Guys, be careful and don’t act rashly!”

Brother Geoff purposely raised his voice as though he didn’t mind if the Demon King sprung toward them. “Just believe that Big Boss will disintegrate the dark energy!”

As soon as Brother Geoff finished, he could feel a strong gust of wind blowing toward him.

It’s the Demon King!

Brother Geoff sneered, “He’s here!”

Brother Geoff took a closer look and saw a shadow approaching at lightning speed. Once the Demon King heard Brother Geoff’s voice, he reacted swiftly and reached out his hand toward Brother Geoff.

“I’ll start with you!” the Demon King shouted ferociously.

“Come on!”

Brother Geoff wasn’t afraid, for he purposely wanted to attract the Demon King’s attention. “Kill me! Come on, you b*stard! F*ck you!”

Even though Brother Geoff could die soon, he still wanted to curse the Demon King to vent his anger.

As fury and anger welled up within the Demon King, he immediately accelerated toward Brother Geoff.

All of a sudden, the strong wind dispersed some of the dark energy, and Brother Geoff could see the Demon King.

The next moment, Brother Geoff lifted his fist and charged toward the Demon King. Although his punch was nothing in the face of the Demon King, he was determined to do it to vent his feelings.


“Brother Geoff!”

When Brother Geoff deliberately raised his voice, the others knew that he wanted to bait the Demon King. They hastily rushed toward Brother Geoff to block the attack, yet it was too late.

Seeing that the Demon King could almost grip his neck, Brother Geoff sneered and wasn’t frightened. Instead, he threw his punch at the Demon King with all his might.


A loud booming sound was immediately followed by the other.

Although part of the skin on Brother Geoff’s neck had been ripped off, the Demon King took a few steps back.

The gust of wind raged from all directions and dispersed part of the dark energy.

At that moment, Ethan stood before Brother Geoff, and baleful incandescence radiated from his fist. He successfully landed his fists on the Demon King’s arm and sent him flying.


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