Billionaire God of War Chapter 2447

Chapter 2447

“Big Boss!”

Brother Geoff said sternly, “I tested him. He can’t hold on too long to emit the dark energy. We need some wind!”

A violent wind could partially disperse the dark energy, thus giving them vision.

Once Ethan stomped his foot, the Boulder Formation altered and formed a gap. The next moment, mountain wind began to howl and entered the formation.


The Demon King was infuriated. He didn’t expect that Brother Geoff was smart enough to test his capabilities.

“Hmph!” The Demon King didn’t say a word but retreated to hide within his dark energy again. The howling mountain wind can merely disperse part of the dark energy. What difference does it make?

Brother Geoff gritted his teeth and shouted, “He’s running away! All he can do is hide in darkness. Anyway, can we break through it with our formation lines?”

When Brother Geoff glanced at Ethan, Ethan instantly understood his intention.

“Alter our formation!”

“Got it!”

Once Ethan commanded, Brother Geoff immediately whistled in response. It was the signal that only they understood.

Suddenly, the Boulder Formation altered, and the rocks lined up in two straight lines. Brother Geoff and the rest didn’t hide in the formation anymore but came out of it.

If you want to fight, let’s do it openly! We dare come forward, but does the Demon King have the guts to do the same?

Meanwhile, the Demon King could tell that all this was a form of provocation. After all, Brother Geoff and the rest didn’t even intend to conceal the disdain and mockery on their faces.

“Demon King! Are you scared to come forward?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be invincible? I’m right here! Do you dare come forward?”

“What will you do in response? I bet you don’t have the guts to show up. Very well. Keep hiding like a tortoise and never come out!”

The bickering duo, Number Five and Brother Geoff, were the best in squabbles and hadn’t met their match thus far.

“Are you hiding because you’re sick? Do you want me to cure your disease?”

Number Five continued to scold, “Are you not angry even after I’ve scolded you for such a long time? Well, you’re indeed patient!”

Immediately, Brother Geoff chimed in, “Didn’t you say everyone has a dark side? I’m telling you now. My darkest side is that I wish to f*ck your mom!

“What? Are you an orphan? In that case, where were you born? You can’t possibly be born out of a rock. Then, the only possible scenario is that someone picked you up from the toilet!”

Number Five and Brother Geoff could think of numerous unpleasant words whenever they wanted to scold someone. Hence, they went all out to humiliate, mock, and verbally abuse the Demon King, hoping to irritate him.


Suddenly, a figure emerged from the dark energy and stood about ten meters away from Number Five and Brother Geoff.

At that moment, the Demon King couldn’t suppress his anger anymore, and he wanted so badly to kill the two of them.

How dare these two a*sholes poor-mouth me?

“You guys are courting death!”

I know they purposely wanted to upset me in order to bait me. So what? Would I be frightened because of that?

When the Demon King charged toward them, Brother Geoff whistled. Instantly, their formation changed again.

“The third Battle Formation Spell!”

In no time, the Demon King had come up to them ferociously.

Despite his terrifying aura, they didn’t retreat and formed a human barricade. “Come on!”

Opening his eyes, Number Five was determined to rather die than yield. “Kill me in exchange for your arm!”

Number Five gritted his teeth and bellowed. At that time, all he wanted was to kill the Demon King.

Once both sides clashed, Number Five and Brother Geoff were sent flying, mouth gushing with blood. At the same time, Brother Geoff swiftly took out his dagger and thrust it at the Demon King’s eyes.


Although Brother Geoff successfully thrust his dagger at the Demon King’s eye, he felt that he had hit a hard metal bar.

Instantly, all color drained from Brother Geoff’s face.

“How is it possible?”

They risked Number Five and Brother Geoff’s lives to bait the Demon King and landed a heavy blow at him. Despite that, the Demon King remained unscathed.


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