Billionaire God of War Chapter 2452

Chapter 2452

Ethan’s entire body seemed to have changed. The white glow engulfed him with an uproar and disappeared in an instant. However, the Demon King could see that the aura on his body had changed with his twin iris!

“That’s impossible!” the Demon King roared. After witnessing Ethan deflecting his attack, he was in disbelief.

He raised his hand and threw another wave of dark energy at Ethan. The dark energy lingered and boiled like the sea. He only needed to get his dark energy close enough to Brother Geoff and the others, and it would be enough to kill them!

But Ethan threw his fist again and dispersed the dark energy.

“I said, enough!” Ethan shouted explosively. His eyes glowed, and his murderous aura washed out the sky.

He couldn’t bear the sight of Brother Geoff and the others dying in front of his eyes.

At that moment, he didn’t bother to notice the changes in his body. Killing the Demon King was all he had in his mind.

He could feel his fists getting hotter as if they were scorched by fire. Then, a terrifying power surged out of his body!


Ethan stomped on the ground destructively, and the earth trembled.

With a swoosh, he dashed out.

He was too fast!

The Demon King squinted and raised his hand instinctively! Bang!

The terrifying power sent him flying.

“That was fast. What’s going on?”

The Demon King had no idea what happened. Before this, Ethan was exhausted. But at that moment, his power level was far more terrifying than before.

Ethan seemed to have suddenly changed into another person.

His eyes became frigid. He activated his twin iris again to capture Ethan’s movements, but he couldn’t see him.




The gust raged from all directions. The Demon King turned his head desperately to look around and saw eight copies of Ethan!

Those were Ethan’s afterimages because he was moving too quickly.

“Hmph, it looks like you gained something in the Heavenly Palace. I can’t believe it was something from the Extreme Fist Technique manual. You’re quite lucky. But do you think that could stop me?” the Demon King roared sharply.

Ethan didn’t respond to him.

Suddenly, the gust of wind stopped, and eight of his afterimages combined into one person.


He threw a destructive punch!


White light exploded in the middle, sweeping across all directions instantly. The force of his punch created a shockwave that overwhelmed the Demon King.

The Demon King could no longer stand idly. He waved his palms one after another, trying to swat off Ethan’s barrage of attacks. However, Ethan’s punches were pervasive enough to penetrate his palms.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

His punches were quick enough to disappear from his eyes. His fist connected with the Demon King’s body and forcibly sent him flying.


The Demon King couldn’t suppress the blood gushing up from his body. He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, and his face instantly turned pale.

How terrifying!

Ethan at that moment was more like a Demon King.

The latter watched as Ethan rushed at him and immediately stood up.

“Bring it on! Show me how powerful you really are!”

He didn’t believe that Ethan could contend with him nor get more powerful than before. It was simply impossible.

Ethan didn’t say a word. He stared at the Demon King with killing intent that could penetrate his soul.

It was as though a real demon far more terrifying than the Demon King resided deep in his heart.

At that moment, he couldn’t hold back any longer.

His murderous aura was brewing, completely immobilizing the Demon King. He threw a barrage of punches all over the Demon King with each punch more powerful and destructive than the previous!

Additionally, the faint white glow weaved in with his attacks made the Demon King suffer.


The Demon King got hit again with another punch, and a cracking noise came from his chest. His ribs were fractured.

How is that possible!

His flesh was strong enough to withstand even the harshest damage from mortals. How did Ethan…

Suddenly, the Demon King saw Ethan’s eyes. He saw a flash of the same dark energy he had in a split second.


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