Billionaire God of War Chapter 2453

Chapter 2453

“Demonic aura?”

The Demon King gasped. The demonic aura dwelling within Ethan is about to be awakened. Why hasn’t he lost control of the aura!

Before he could react, Ethan charged at him again like a puppet devoid of emotions. At that moment, his only intention was to kill the Demon King.

The power of his fists was way too terrifying. His punches were so fast that the compressed air produced a chain of explosions. The Demon King was constantly pushed backward. He wanted to curse at Ethan, but he had no time. He couldn’t afford to be distracted.

At that moment, Ethan was much more terrifying than before.

It might have been because Brother Geoff and the others were dying.


The Demon King was in a daze for a moment and got hit by Ethan again. One of his arms was immediately broken, nearly torn off by Ethan.


He is a maniac!

The silent Ethan was more like a Demon King. He was feral and domineering.

The Demon King knew that something was off about Ethan. He must have obtained some power from when he was at the Heavenly Palace, and the energy was awakened suddenly.

Damn it! He cursed in his heart. However, he didn’t want to become Ethan’s practice doll.

He took a dozen steps back to distance himself from Ethan, knowing that he would not leave Brother Geoff and the other’s side.

“This is unexpected. You fooled me.”

The Demon King glanced around and looked at the Dragon Throne and the stairs of Highest Heaven. “Do you think you can kill me just like that?”


The Dragon Throne seemed to have responded with a thunderous noise that ripped the sky.

The Demon King snorted. He knew what he had to do. He turned around and left without hesitation.

His injuries were severe. If he continued to fight, he would likely lose again in the Heavenly Palace.

Ethan evolved. The Demon King was a little annoyed that Ethan was about to become the same type of being as him. He did not expect that person in the Heavenly Palace would do this.

Ethan watched as the Demon King fled the scene and didn’t go after him.

The trace of demonic aura had dissipated from his eyes.

Even Ethan himself felt amazed by the power. He didn’t know what had happened to him when he was in that state just now.

It felt as though he was overwhelmed by anger, which made him want to vent it out by killing the Demon King.

“How are you?”

Without sparing any moment, Ethan looked at Brother Geoff and the others who were seriously injured and dying. His eyes were red.

Brother Geoff still had vitality in him. He forced a faint smile and wanted to speak, but he didn’t have the strength.

“Hang in there! Hang in there!”

Ethan shouted to prevent them from falling asleep. However, that location was in no condition for them to recuperate.

At their current state, Brother Geoff and the others would not survive the journey back to Greencliff.

“The Longevity Pond! Yes, the Longevity Pond!”

He suddenly remembered that the Longevity Pond had the best healing effect and took them to the pond.

Ethan carefully carried Brother Geoff and the others to the Longevity Pond and immersed them in it to heal their injuries.

That is the only way now… Looking at their frail faces, Ethan was worried sick.

“Don’t die.” Ethan whispered in his heart.

Brother Geoff and the others were all weakened to their last breaths. It was grueling enough for them even to open their eyes.

Soon, the water in the Longevity Pond was dyed red in blood.

Ethan couldn’t be bothered about that. He only hoped that the water in the pond could save their lives.

As time passed by, Brother Geoff and the others remained weak, but their vitals got a little more stable. The water in the Longevity Pond really did work. However, there was not enough water for all of them. For eighteen of them to use the water to heal simultaneously, the healing effect was slow.

But Ethan couldn’t heal them in batches. Everyone was seriously injured. If they were not treated on time, they would die.

“Daddy, what happened to them?”

Suddenly, he heard Kye from behind him, sobbing slightly.


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