Billionaire God of War Chapter 2454

Chapter 2454

With the blood-dyed pond and the weak breathing of Brother Geoff and the others in front of her eyes, no matter how young Kye was, she knew they were injured at a glance.

Just as the last time when Number Five was about to die of old age, Kye was afraid that he would leave her.

“They’re hurt.”

Ethan told her the truth. He knew that it was meaningless to hide it from Kye. She should understand that Brother Geoff and the others got injured to protect her.

“Princess, don’t be afraid. Daddy will save them. I won’t let anything happen to them,” he patted Kye’s head gently and said hoarsely.

In the pond, Brother Geoff and the others were extremely weak. Even though their conditions were stabilized, their injuries were too severe. Despite having the Longevity Pond’s healing power, there were just too many of them and not enough water.

It was just too slow.

“They’re suffering.”

Looking at Brother Geoff and the others, Kye couldn’t hold it anymore and started crying. “Daddy, they’re suffering. I can feel it. I can feel that they are in pain.”

As though those wounds were her own, she felt the pain of Brother Geoff’s injuries when she touched her arm. “It hurts! It hurts!”

Ethan picked her up. He didn’t know what to say.

“Mr. Geoff.”

Kye struggled to get down. She refused to stay in Ethan’s arms.

She walked to Brother Geoff, knelt on the ground, and gently touched his face. “Are you in pain?”

Brother Geoff could feel a voice ringing in his ear. It was Kye’s voice. However, the voice was so faint that he could hardly hear it.

He tried his best to open his eyes. He wanted to shake his head to tell Kye that he was not in pain at all. Yet, he couldn’t muster the strength to do it.

“Number Five, wake up. Look at me. You haven’t taught me how to curse at people yet.”

“Number Six, I haven’t played with the present you gave me. Let’s play together.”

“Number Nine, talk to me. Please?”

Kye looked at them, once alive and kicking, yet lying motionless in the pond right then. They couldn’t even open their eyes, and their breathing was weak. It seemed like they might leave this world in the next moment.

That feeling was suffocating her, as though someone was pulling on her heartstrings.

“It’s okay…”

Hearing Kye cry, Brother Geoff exhausted his strength and forced two words out of his throat to comfort Kye. However, this made her cry even more.

“Your voice already changed. How are you okay?”

Kye started to cry and wanted to hug Brother Geoff. But she was afraid that she would hurt him. She looked at Brother Geoff’s wounds dripping with blood. She wasn’t scared. She was only upset, knowing that Brother Geoff must be in pain.

Looking at Kye being upset, Ethan couldn’t find the right words to say to her.

He was equally as miserable, and he couldn’t bring himself to comfort her.

“Sob, sob…”

Kye continued to cry desperately and gently pulled on Brother Geoff’s clothes. “Please don’t die. Promise me. Please don’t let anything happen to you, okay?”

She begged with her trembling voice. She didn’t want to lose anyone.

However, none of them have the energy to answer her. Some were even unconscious and didn’t even hear what Kye said.

Kye couldn’t bear it anymore. Her cries became louder and louder. Beads of tears rolled down her cheeks, and the tears already blurred her glimmering eyes.

“Don’t ignore me…”

Her tears dripped and fell on Brother Geoff’s shoulder. They mixed in with the water in the pond.

“Don’t leave me! Sob…”

The more Kye cried, the more upset she became. Her tears fell on Brother Geoff and into the pond. In an instant, the water in the Longevity Pond started to roll, and a mist emerged!

Ethan blinked his eyes as he noticed the reaction.

When Kye touched the water with her hands before, it made the Longevity Pond boil!


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