Billionaire God of War Chapter 2455

Chapter 2455

He was worried that something terrible would happen. The Source of the pond seemed to have suddenly awakened and started to spew a gush of spring water.

The reddish color in the pond gradually faded, and the spring water that gushed out constantly exuded strong life energy!

Ethan felt as though the Longevity Pond was alive.

It was Kye!

Kye is the Source! This is Kye’s ability!

He carefully observed from the side as he watched the water roll increasingly vigorously. The red-colored bloodstains faded as if consumed by the water’s spiritual energy.

The injuries on Brother Geoff and the others began to recover at a fast pace.

Even Ethan could feel it. He could see it with his naked eyes!

“Princess,” Ethan hurriedly said, “Don’t stop. Keep crying.”

Kye turned to look at him, confused at what Ethan meant.

“Princess, Mr. Geoff and the others will leave you.”

He took a deep breath and continued, “You won’t see them anymore. You won’t hear their voices. They won’t be able to play with you. You’ll have to play by yourself from now on.”

Kye’s heart shattered when she heard Ethan’s words. She couldn’t hold it any longer and burst into tears. Her tears rolled down like beads from a broken thread.

The water in the pond started to boil and the Source started to crackle.

Sure enough, Ethan guessed it right. Kye’s tears were more potent than the spring water.

At that moment, saving them was his priority, even if it meant making Kye cry. So he continued to say those words to keep her crying.

Knowing that Brother Geoff and the others might die and disappear from her life, Kye cried her heart out. Her tears flowed like a stream, dripping into the pond.

The water in the pond boiled even more violently. The evaporated mist surrounded Brother Geoff and the others, engulfing them as their figures became blurry.

The life energy in the mist was powerful. Even taking a whiff of the mist could make one feel comfortable.

There’s hope!

There’s hope for them!

Ethan was glad that Kye was there and that her tears could save Brother Geoff and the others.

Looking at the boiling water and the wounds of Brother Geoff and the others recovering rapidly, Ethan was amazed. The power of the Source was indeed astonishing!

No wonder the Heavenly Palace could stand unfaltering for so many years. No wonder the Demon King tried everything he could to get the Source, even if it meant him dying.

The overwhelming life energy was too amazing. It might even be able to grant eternal life.

As time passed, Ethan noticed the breathing of Brother Geoff and the others slowly recovered. Although their injuries were still severe, they were no longer fatal.

All eighteen of them were still alive!

How fortunate!

That was the greatest blessing!

Kye wrapped her arms around Brother Geoff’s neck, and her tears made his face wet.

“Mr. Geoff, don’t ignore me. I won’t let you go! I don’t want you to go!”

She cried loudly. Her eyes were all red.

“Okay. I won’t leave.”

Suddenly, Brother Geoff opened his mouth. His voice was still weak and hoarse, but he could still speak. However, when Kye raised her head and saw Brother Geoff looking right back at her, she cried louder.

“You scared me!”

She whimpered and hugged tighter, “You scared me to death!”

Brother Geoff didn’t move as he couldn’t move either. He could feel that his wound was recovering, and the sensation was incredible.

He was well aware that he could never have made it out alive if it weren’t for Kye’s tears.

Even so, he didn’t want to see Kye cry.

“Princess, don’t cry. Okay?” Brother Geoff gently said.


Kye shook her head and cried even louder. ��I will keep crying! My tears will make you stay!”

She was still young, but she was clever.

She gently caressed Brother Geoff’s face and pouted her tiny mouth, trying to gather some emotions to cry. If she stopped her tears, she would not be able to save Brother Geoff and the others.

“Let me cry my heart out just this once. Next time, don’t make me cry again!”


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