Billionaire God of War Chapter 2456

Chapter 2456

Brother Geoff was smiling affectionately at Kye. He wished he could stretch out his hand to touch her petite, adorable face, but alas, he could not even raise his hand.

Kye was crying her heart out, and he felt touched that she did. She might be a young girl, but she actually knew more than everyone gave her credit for. She was afraid of crying, but she was forcing herself to squeeze out tears, for she knew that that was the only way to save everyone.

The water levels in the Longevity Pond were slowly filling up, and it became clearer and clearer. As Kye’s tears flowed into it, the crimson blood slowly faded away, replaced by a thick, white mist. The mist was filled to the brim with life force, and it encompassed the space that they were in.

Brother Geoff and the others were engulfed within the mist, healing themselves up using the life force contained within.

Ethan was feeling the life force contained in the air, and he was shocked that the mist was filled to the brim with it. He never expected Kye’s tears to be as potent as they were, but he wasn’t complaining. At this rate, everyone could come out alive, but certainly not unscathed. They would need time to heal their wounds.

Regardless, that was a worry for another time. The most important thing at the moment was to save everyone.

He asked Kye to stay with Brother Geoff and everyone else, chatting with them and making sure they did not fall asleep. As for him, he would stand guard over them, and he checked on himself as well.

During the battle with the Demon King earlier, the ball of white gas in his dantian suddenly surged, granting him immense strength. He could go toe to toe with the dark energy the Demon King was radiating, and that was shocking to Ethan.

It was the first time he ever felt that way, and it was the first time he found out he could use the white light in this way. He tried to use it once more, but weirdly enough, he couldn’t even move them an inch. He didn’t know how he should connect with the light in his body either.

He could feel the white light curling up into a ball in his dantian and just floated there quietly as if it was a harmless substance. However, when he went into the battle, the white light would activate and send him into a powerful frenzy.

If the Demon King hadn’t escaped, Ethan had a feeling he could have killed his greatest enemy, though he would have to sustain grievous injuries for it.

He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes to calm his soul down. It didn’t take him long to enter the flow after that. He wanted to move the energy in his dantian around, but he failed. All he could do was feel their existence within him, but he couldn’t even do anything about it.

I must have gotten this power when I sat on the Dragon Throne back then. Ethan opened his eyes and looked at the Dragon Throne that was sitting in the Highest Heaven. For some reason, he had a feeling that someone was sitting on the throne right at that moment, and that person was staring back at him as well.

What is this white light, actually? They say it was related to the Extreme Fist Technique Manual, but I never saw any description about the white light in it, not even once.

“Wait, is it possible that this manual isn’t complete? Is something missing from it?” Ethan suddenly got that idea. He had all nine pages of the Technique Book, and he decoded all the words on it. He thought that was all there was to it, but after finding out about the white light, he doubted his previous conclusion. Is this really all there is to it?

He knew the runes were incomplete. After all, it was highly possible that the runes were a writing system belonging to another civilization. Therefore, it was impossible that there were only so few of them. But that begs the question: where’s the rest of them?

It was a pressing question, but Ethan thought it was not the time to think about that. The most important issue at the moment was to figure out everything about the light. He needed to know what it was and how to use it.

He used it once before, so he knew how terrifyingly powerful it was. He could even go toe to toe with the Demon King, who had recovered most of his strength. More importantly, the white light seemed to act as the perfect counter for the Demon King’s demonic aura.

That was precisely why Ethan was so frustrated. He knew he had great power within him, but he could not even use an ounce of it wherever and whenever he wanted to.

Being frustrated would not solve his problem, however. As such, he had to come up with a plan and calm down. Calm down. Think of a way to figure this out.

Just then, he heard the sound of footsteps closing in. It was fast as if the person was in a hurry. Ethan opened his eyes, and when he realized who the person was, he let his guard down. Oh, it’s just Peter Pan.

Peter Pan came as fast as he could. He could not let Ethan and everyone else battle the Demon King while he stayed behind to defend Greencliff. “Where is the b*stard?”


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