Billionaire God of War Chapter 2457

Chapter 2457

Peter Pan roared his battle cry. However, when he looked around, all he could see was the place in ruins. Even the grass—which had just grown—was erased into oblivion. Blood was splattered across the ground, and its foul stench still lingered in the air, waiting for the winds to take them away.

“Ethan!” Peter Pan called out loudly.

“I’m right here,” Ethan answered his call.

Peter Pan ran over to where he was sitting, and he saw Ethan right away. Naturally, he was worried about him, as the enemy was a formidable one. “How do you feel? And where are the others? Where’s Princess?”

He was starting to get nervous. If even Ethan was injured, he could not imagine everyone else in a better state. Please, please, please, tell me they’re fine. Tell me they’re fine.

“They’re right over at the Longevity Pond,” Ethan answered. “And they’re still alive.”

Peter Pan only cared about the last part of the sentence. Once Ethan said everyone was alive, he was instantly relieved. Good. They’re all alive. That’s great. That’s great news.

He didn’t stay with Ethan any longer. After all, Ethan was the one he needed to worry about the least. However, it was not the same story for Kye and everyone else.

He darted over to the Longevity Pond as fast as he could. When he arrived, he saw Brother Geoff and his lackeys lying in the Longevity Pond. They were drenched in blood, while their bodies were riddled with wounds, but they were still alive. Peter Pan teared up, and he gritted his teeth. “It’s good to see you all alive. Really, it’s great.”

He stubbornly denied it whenever it was brought up, but Brother Geoff and his lackeys were also his disciples as well. Peter Pan was upset to see his own disciples in such a state, and some of them were even on the verge of death. How useless am I? My own disciples almost died, and I couldn’t even protect them.

Brother Geoff noticed Peter Pan, and he called out to him, “Master…”

Peter Pan would only snort if Brother Geoff called him master on most days, but this day, he nodded. “I’m right here.”

He went over to see Brother Geoff, but when he realized his disciple had lost an arm, he teared up even more. “Greedy Wolf, you b*stard! How dare you hurt my disciple!” Peter Pan was grinding his teeth furiously. “I will never let this slide!”

Brother Geoff was happy at how Peter Pan was trying to stand up for them. At long last, Peter Pan had acknowledged them as his disciples.

“Just rest and heal up. This pond’s water has great recovery factor. It can even recreate your life force. You’ll be all right. All of you will be just fine.” Peter Pan told Brother Geoff, “I’ll figure something out about your arm. I’ll figure something out for sure.”

Kye was sitting behind Brother Geoff, and she greeted Peter Pan, “Master!”

All the crying had exhausted her, and she fell asleep, but she stirred and woke up when she heard Peter Pan’s voice. She rubbed her eyes and took a closer look. When she realized it really was Peter Pan, she pounced into his embrace and started crying. “Mr. Geoff and his friends are hurt because they tried to protect me.”

Kye cried her heart out. She was a young girl, but she knew Brother Geoff and everyone else was only injured because they tried to keep her out of harm’s way.

“It’s all right now, Kye. I’m here.” Peter Pan patted Kye’s head. Watching her crying her heart out was a gut-wrenching experience for him, and his heart went out for his other disciples. It was a fierce battle, and they almost died in it.

“It’s all right. Let me cry. This way, I can make more tears, and Mr. Geoff and his friends can get better faster,” Kye said stubbornly.

“Of course, of course.” Peter Pan was almost crying himself. He wiped her tears away and looked at the pond. “But the pond’s almost full now. Just let them heal like this for now. You can cry again once the pond’s empty, all right?”

There was hardly any point in filling more water into the pond. Brother Geoff and his lackeys came out alive, but now they needed time to heal up.

Peter Pan picked the girl up and told her, “Be a good girl and listen to me, Kye. You have to save your tears until it’s absolutely necessary to use them, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master. I do.” Kye nodded and wiped her tears away. She knew how important her tears were to everyone, and it was imperative that she saved them for the most crucial of moments. She wanted to help her father and her master in this battle too.

“Rest up, all of you.” Peter Pan looked at Brother Geoff and his friends. “I swear I will avenge all of you. He will pay for what he did.”


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