Billionaire God of War Chapter 2458

Chapter 2458

D*mn you, Greedy Wolf. Technically, it was not Greedy Wolf anymore, but Peter Pan couldn’t be bothered to care about that. Since the Demon King used Greedy Wolf’s body to hurt his disciples, then the credit would transfer to Greedy Wolf himself, whether he liked it or not.

Peter Pan went around telling everyone to rest well and do nothing else. That was their mission for the time being. They could stay alive thanks to the water from the Longevity Pond, but if they wanted to make a full recovery, they would need more time to heal.

His eyes were red with tears. He had lived a monstrously long life, but he had never felt so upset before.

When he came back out with Kye, he noticed that Ethan was still sitting in the same place he did before Peter Pan went in to see Brother Geoff and the others.

Ethan opened his eyes after Peter Pan came out. “They got out with their lives intact. That’s the good thing here.”

“Where is Greedy Wolf?” Peter Pan asked. “Is he still not dead yet?”

Ethan shook his head. The Demon King was too powerful. Even though he had not regained his full strength, Greedy Wolf’s twin iris more than compensated for that, and he proved to be a difficult opponent even when all of them worked together.

If the Demon King were to make a full recovery, they could have even lost the battle.

“D*mn that b*stard! He’s one tough a*shole!” Peter Pan gritted his teeth. “Sh*t. When we meet him the next time, we’re going in for the kill no matter what. That b*stard hurt my disciples!”

Peter Pan would not stand for it. It was just like him to be so straightforward. He would not stand for any injustice against him, and he would get back at anyone who did him wrong.

“The Demon King has taken over Greedy Wolf’s body. He is powerful, and very much so. It will not be easy for us to fight him.” Ethan said, “I did injure him severely, but his soul remains intact. The impact from Heavenly Palace’s destruction did not manage to kill him. He still lives, so we must be on our guard.”

“You injured him? And severely at that?” Peter Pan was surprised to find out about that. He knew how powerful the Demon King was. Now that he had merged with Greedy Wolf, it must have resulted in him becoming an even more powerful entity.

The Demon King should have wiped the floor with everyone, but Ethan managed to seriously wound him without sustaining any fatal injuries, and that was already a great surprise by itself.

“That is correct,” Ethan said. “There’s a sliver of white light within me, and it surged during the battle. It granted me great strength, and I used it to wound him.”

A white light? Peter Pan knew what the white light was, for he had the same thing sleeping within him as well. It was the sign that would appear when a fighter was moving on into a much stronger state—the Primordial realm. But I don’t think it’s as powerful as Ethan is making it out to be.

“That thing can actually surge?” He gasped in surprise.

Ethan shook his head. He had no idea how to explain it himself either. It had been a mystery for him, and he still couldn’t find an answer to that question. So Peter Pan does not know of this as well.

“I cannot control it for now,” he told Peter Pan honestly. If he could control it, he would not have allowed the Demon King to leave. He would have struck his enemy dead and prevented him from terrorizing anyone any further.

He had thought about it for a long time, but he couldn’t figure out what the light was, or how he should control it. It was also connected to the Extreme Fist Technique manual, but as for what the connection was, he had no clue. There was a ton of questions, and he needed answers, fast.

“Since it has surged, it will happen again.” Peter Pan was experienced enough to notice the pattern in these things. “Take it slow, kid. You need to be calm, especially in this kind of situation. The next time it surges again, seize the feeling and try to clone it.

He added, “I have a feeling that the white light in your body isn’t the Primordial Qi we’re talking about. It can be something else entirely.” He then took a deep breath and told Ethan seriously, “Don’t worry about it. There will always be a way, and we’ll figure it out together.”

Ethan nodded. “I’ll need you to take care of Kye for a few days. I need to be alone to think about the whole matter. And do keep an eye out for Brother Geoff and everyone else’s safety in the meantime.”

He looked at Peter Pan. The Heavenly Palace was no doubt the safest place he could think of for the moment. He had set up formations to keep everyone safe, but accidents might happen in his absence. However, with Peter Pan around, he did not have to fear any accidents.

“Don’t worry, kid. Greencliff’s fine. They’ll be fine too. I’ll keep an eye over them, so you just focus on doing your thing. Tell me if you need anything.” Peter Pan nodded.

Ethan knew he needed to face the crisis, but what he needed most at the moment was some time alone to think about the problems they had been facing and sort them out.

Peter Pan took Kye aside so they would not disturb Ethan. At the same time, he was keeping an eye on everyone in the Longevity Pond. If something were to pop up, he could settle it immediately.


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