Billionaire God of War Chapter 2459

Chapter 2459

It was a ferocious battle, to say the least, and none of the fighters came out unscathed. Even so, it was the best possible outcome, since nobody lost their lives in the fight. Ethan did not want to see any of his friends dying ever again, but he knew they only got out alive due to sheer dumb luck. They might not be this lucky next time.

The Demon King must die, and by Ethan’s hands as well. That was the best outcome, for the threat would be neutralized, and none of them would have to live in fear for their own lives ever again.

It was crucial that Ethan stayed calm. He had to get even more powerful to face the upcoming fight. Aside from delving deeper into formations lines, he had to figure out what the white light was. If he could use it however he wanted, sending the Demon King to his demise would not be a problem for him anymore.

He closed his eyes to calm his raging soul so he could enter the state of clear mind. He needed to calm down, to be so focused he could bore a hole through a wall. He needed to see within him, to know how his body worked. He must know what the white light in his dantian was.

At the same time, the Demon King was still on the run. Even after he escaped the Heavenly Palace, he kept spewing blood as he ran.

The injuries he sustained were serious. He never expected Ethan to show a sudden surge in strength, but more importantly, he wondered what that white light was. What did that old git in the Heavenly Palace give him?

Just like Ethan, the Demon King had no answer to that question as well, but there was one thing he was sure about. If that light could harm him, then it was possible that it could kill him.

He suddenly lost his bearing and wobbled around. The Demon King started spewing blood again, and all the color drained from his face.

He looked back, but Ethan was nowhere to be seen. Good. He didn’t come after me. He had been running for a long time, and the journey harried him.

It was not the first time he had escaped. He did it the first time he went into a fight against Ethan, and he ran away again for the same reason the second time. It was as if he was cursed to run away from Ethan every time they clashed.

That fact infuriated the Demon King. He knelt on the ground and placed his hand against the tree beside him. His body was shaking from the injuries he sustained. Ethan had managed to damage his organs, and it would have been a fatal injury if he didn’t have his demonic aura keeping him safe.

“That’s one powerful punch. How did he even learn that with his technique? This is unbelievable.” The Demon King thought it was preposterous that Ethan managed to gain such power. He knew about the Extreme Fist Technique, but he had never seen or heard about that kind of power.

The fact that he knew nothing about it was making the Demon King uneasy. It was as if Ethan’s Extreme Fist Technique and the white light within him existed just to take him down. It was as if fate itself had decreed that Ethan would be the one destined to stop the Demon King from achieving his own destiny.

“He must be eradicated. I must kill him.” The Demon King gritted his teeth and glared ahead coldly. At that moment, he made it his mission to kill Ethan, and he would never rest until that goal was achieved.

For many, many years, he never cared about anything in the world. He thought nobody could possess the power to stop him, but Ethan was the first person to change this outlook.

The Demon King couldn’t hold it in anymore, and he spewed more blood. That drained what little left of his strength, and he slumped to the ground, unmoving.

The exhaustion weighed down on him, feeling as heavy as a mountain. Sh*t. This is not good. I’ve been heavily wounded. Too heavily wounded.

“Oh? So you’re dying, huh?” Greedy Wolf’s voice suddenly popped in his mind.

Now that I’m awake from my slumber, I have to seize this chance!

When Greedy Wolf realized just how badly the Demon King got his a*s whooped by Ethan, he burst into a peal of maniacal laughter. “You got your a*s handed to you, and you call yourself the Demon King? Oh my God, this is hilarious!”

“But this is your body.”

“So what if it is? Don’t talk like your soul is fine and dandy, you b*stard. I can feel it getting weaker by the minute.” Greedy Wolf did not hold back with the insults. In the end, he told the Demon King, “I’ve told you that you are no match for Ethan. He’s going to kill you sooner or later if you keep this up. You’re unworthy of my body, and it’s time for you to leave.”

They started fighting over the control of the body, but the Demon King could not win against Greedy Wolf, especially when he was so heavily injured. The fight only lasted for a moment, and the Demon King’s voice faded completely in the end.

Greedy Wolf made his eventual return, finally seizing control of his own body. He was severely wounded, yes, but it did not mar his buoyant spirits. This is my body, and nobody can take it away from me.

“Godd*mmit, he’s right. I am seriously wounded. It’s even affecting me now.” Once his soul came back to take the helm, the exhaustion from the injuries transferred over and sapped every last shred of strength from Greedy Wolf, robbing him of even the power to stand up.


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