Billionaire God of War Chapter 2460

Chapter 2460

Greedy Wolf almost fell to the ground, but he held his own. After a while, he regained a little strength and found his bearing. Ah, I finally took control of my own body again. This feels really great.

He had to thank Ethan for powering up at the very last moment and punching the Demon King into oblivion. If he hadn’t done that, Greedy Wolf would not have found the opening he needed to wrest back control of his body.

But of course, with Greedy Wolf being Greedy Wolf, his gratitude only lasted for a few minutes. Right after taking his body back, he was already trying to come up with a way to be in control—permanently this time. He had to come up with some trick to get rid of the Demon King once and for all. Either that, or he would chase the Demon King out.

The Demon King might be dastardly, but Greedy Wolf wasn’t that far behind on the spectrum. They were both b*stards of different magnitudes.

The most important thing, for now, was for Greedy Wolf to heal himself up and find a way to tear the Demon King’s soul into shreds. Soon, he left the place and disappeared, as if he had never been there before.

Back at the Heavenly Palace, Ethan was still in isolation, thinking about the problems he had to tackle. In the meantime, Peter Pan was staying with Kye and keeping an eye on everyone who was healing in the pond.

Thanks to the water’s regenerative factor, their wounds were healing at a blistering pace. They were, after all, lying in the place that contained the most powerful life force in the world. As such, it was a given that they would heal up easily.

Legends had it that the Longevity Pond could bring someone who was a breath away from death back to full strength, and it seemed that the legend had proven itself to be true.

“Are you sleepy, Princess? If you are, then get some sleep. We can play after you wake up later.” After getting Kye to sleep, Peter Pan went to the pond and looked at his disciples. He wanted to be sure he could be there the moment they needed him.

Brother Geoff and the rest were lying in the pond. They could feel a cool sensation washing over their wounds. It was proof that the life force in the water was slowly healing their wounds up.

Although the process was slow, the water was still healing them faster than any medicine in the world could. Brother Geoff and his friends didn’t have to do anything else as well. All they had to do was lay in the water, and that was it. There was no pain or any hassle to it either.

Man, I have to give it to this water. It’s some bomb-a*s water.

When Peter Pan came in, Brother Geoff and everyone else greeted him, “Master.”

Peter Pan nodded at them. “How do you guys feel right now?” he asked.

“Much better. My body’s stabilizing, and my internal wounds are healing up. It’s going to take a bit longer for these gashes to heal though, but it’s great enough already.” Brother Geoff smiled.

His arm was cut off, and that would prove to be hard to regenerate. Despite that, Peter Pan asked him to stay in the pond and see if it could regenerate lost limbs as well.

“Don’t worry, men. This water’s the most magical thing in this world. It’s filled with life force.” He told them, “It will heal all of your wounds. And it might also regenerate a lost limb too.”

Brother Geoff nodded. He had complete faith in Peter Pan and everything he said.

Peter Pan went and checked on each of them. Nobody was getting any worse. In fact, all of them were healing up slowly. Good. Good.

“Master,” Number Five called out to him, and his face looked slightly pink. “Can you help me out a little?”

“What do you need?”

“Can you see if there’s any bug in this pond? I feel something biting my butt, and it’s really itchy.”

Peter Pan was annoyed, but he agreed to it since everyone needed to rest as much as possible. He glanced at Number Five’s butt and scolded, “There’s no bug there! You just got one big patch of black stuff on your arse! How am I supposed to even look for it, you buffoon?”

Everyone burst into laughter, and some of them even tore up their wounds, which made their laughter turn into whimpers of agony.

“That’s my hair.” Number Five was embarrassed. “Everyone has it. Look at these guys. They have hair too.”

Peter Pan wanted to smack him so hard, but he was worried he might hurt the guy. “Anyway, I don’t see any bug here.” He looked at it closely, but he found no bugs. “Which part is feeling itchy?”

Peter Pan stretched his hand, trying to touch it, and Number Five felt mortified. “Um, well, the center part.”

Peter Pan quickly pulled his hand back and shot a nasty glare at him. “I see nothing, you brat!” He snorted. “I see you’re all healed up. Trying to pull a fast one on me, huh?”


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