Billionaire God of War Chapter 2461

Chapter 2461

“No, I didn’t, Master!” Number Five quickly explained, “I just feel like my whole body’s starting to itch all of a sudden.”

He would have started scratching all around, but the wound on his hand stopped him from doing so. His skin was starting to turn red, and Peter Pan could even see the pores opening up as if they were breathing.

Peter Pan had a look of surprise on his face. “How do you feel right now? Internally, I mean,” he quickly asked Number Five.

“Itchy. Really itchy. It’s like there are a million bugs crawling inside me. God, it’s getting itchier. Can you scratch it for me, Master?” Number Five started squirming around because of the unbearable itch.

Peter Pan was red with excitement, and he barked, “Don’t move! This is a gosh darn miracle, you rascal! It’s a miracle, you hear? How do y’all feel?”

“Now that you mention it, I do feel a bit itchy too.”

“Yeah, Master. I didn’t feel it earlier, but now that you’ve said it, I’m starting to feel itchy too.”

Their answers were obviously encouraging, much to Peter Pan’s delight. “Good, good! Very good! This is great! In fact, it’s fantastic news, I tell you!”

Peter Pan announced loudly, “Your bodies are undergoing a change as we speak.”

He never expected the water to even have that effect. I guess this is a blessing in disguise for them. The change Peter Pan referred to was not one accomplished by willpower or human tech alone. It was a fundamental change that took place in their cells.

In other words, they were embarking on a path of power no human tech could achieve.

“Ethan!” Peter Pan called out to him once, then he waved his hand down. Ethan’s still in isolation. I don’t have to disturb him over this. What I have to do now is keep this situation under control.

“All right, listen here, you rascals. Calm down, and I mean that.” Peter Pan told them, “And now, I need all of you to do as I say, understand?”

Brother Geoff and his friends knew they had stumbled upon a rare encounter, and they went into high focus the moment Peter Pan told them to calm down. It was an unpleasant feeling, but they had to endure it, for Peter Pan told them it was a good thing.

“I’m going to teach y’all the Calming Sutra. It can keep you awake and focused. I don’t care how unpleasant it feels, but y’all are going to have to endure it and not move even a muscle, do you understand?” This is a great opportunity for them. I’m not letting them squander it.

“Yes, sir!”

Everyone started paying attention to Peter Pan’s teaching. None of them even joked about it, for they required every ounce of focus they could muster to make it through the ordeal.

Peter Pan was patient in his teachings, and everyone was listening intently. They wouldn’t miss this rare opportunity for anything. The itch might be unbearable, but they would endure it no matter what.

They had gone through fierce battles and had a close brush with death, so the itch was actually nothing for them. What they feared most was to lose hope and die in obscurity.

They were honored to have the chance to die in battle, and now they were blessed with a chance to gain further strength because of their courage.

If they could become stronger because of it, then their near-death experience would have been worth it.

That was how every strong fighter thought, and that mindset was slowly taking root in their soul.

Time passed, and they eventually mastered the Calming Sutra thanks to Peter Pan’s teachings. They recited it silently as they closed their eyes to immerse themselves in the special state wrought on by the water.

Peter Pan said nothing to them after that. As they slowly went into a state of meditation, he nodded at them, but his surprise was obvious. “This is truly a blessing in disguise. I hope these rascals will gain a nice change.”

He knew this was the biggest opportunity for Brother Geoff and his friends. And it shows up at a time like this. This might be fate again. He was not sure if it was fate, nor did he have any way to ascertain it. What he knew was they had to forge ahead, for that was the right path for them.

He stayed with them to ensure that no problems would arise. Peter Pan wanted to see his disciples’ change with his own eyes. They had gained a lot of experience by fighting someone as powerful as the Demon King, and it was not an experience anyone could get.

The understanding of battles and the battlefield itself that they gleaned wasn’t something everyone was privy to as well.

At that moment, Brother Geoff and his friends were in a concentrated meditating state. They ignored the unpleasant feeling that was coursing through them and silently thought about what they had learned from the battle.


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