Billionaire God of War Chapter 2462

Chapter 2462

It was a learning opportunity, and a rare one at that. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience as well, so if they missed it, they would never get it again.

Peter Pan did not disturb them. He stayed by Kye’s side and observed them, standing sentry in case anyone were to invade.

At the same time, Ethan was still in isolation, immersing himself fully in his own world. He had to think and come up with ways to control the white light in his dantian. It was possibly his greatest chance at defeating the Demon King, and the basis on which he would build his strength upon.

However, the problem with this undertaking was he needed both time and wisdom to see through the secrets of the light.

Heavenly Palace slowly fell into silence as everyone went into their own training. Aside from the thickening mist billowing from the Longevity Pond, not much had changed. It was still in ruins, though there were some patches of grass starting to break through the desolation.

While everyone was training, Greedy Wolf chose to hide himself. He was a cautious man who would never expose himself unnecessarily, especially when he was in a precarious situation.

Because of the Demon King, his body was in tatters. Even a normal fighter could kill him if they crossed paths, let alone someone like Ethan.

He spent a few days to heal up, albeit only slightly. The silver lining was that he at least did not look severely wounded on the outside after he recuperated.

Greedy Wolf was not angry that the Demon King almost destroyed his body. If it weren’t for Ethan punching him in the gut, God knew how long it would take for Greedy Wolf to seize control of his own body.

The Demon King was now in a slumber after he was weakened by that fight. It was the perfect chance for Greedy Wolf to chase him out and take back his own body. However, it would prove to be a difficult task.

The Demon King had waited for years for him. Now that he found out how powerful the twin iris was after fighting Ethan, the Demon King would never give that up easily.

Even so, Greedy Wolf would not give up. It was his body, and he was determined to take it back. Nobody could take it from him.

He went back to the Underworld furtively, alerting no one of his return. Ethan had taken over the whole place, so if he were to expose himself, Ethan would know about his return immediately.

That guy’s not as kind as he looks. If he knows I’m here, he can and will kill me. Greedy Wolf didn’t believe that Ethan would actually work with him. He did not believe that Ethan would actually see him as a friend just because he wanted to get rid of the Demon King.

If Ethan had a list of people he wanted to kill at any cost, Greedy Wolf must be on it, and he knew it.

The only reason he came back to the Underworld was Celaine. He knew she must still be waiting for him to return.

Nobody ever came to the old palace, and it was deserted. The Underworld looked more and more like an abandoned ruin, and everyone’s morale was close to nonexistent.

The existence of the Demon King was like a plague to them, haunting them. They would be worried if the Demon King was absent, but if he came back, they would be plunged into danger and uncertainty. Every day was filled with hazards and fear, for the Demon King might kill them one day just because he was angry.

Greedy Wolf went into the palace. “I know you’re here, waiting for me.” He said, “Come out. I am here now.”

Greedy Wolf looked around him, but he received only silence as his response. “Celaine, it’s me, Greedy Wolf.”

Sounds of footsteps came from the end of the corridor, and Greedy Wolf looked in the direction of that sound. I know that sound anywhere.

Celaine showed up a while later. As expected, she was waiting for him right in the old palace. “Are you surprised?” he asked. “After all, you do not want me to come back.”

If he could return, that meant Ethan had failed to kill the Demon King.

Celaine shook her head. “I never wanted to watch you die. Not even once.” She looked at him and let out a sigh. “How did things turn out this way? Why do so many people have to die? Those are innocent lives.”

The deaths the Underworld sustained were already heavy enough, but if the Demon King were to survive, more innocent lives would be lost to him. Nobody wanted to die, but they had no choice when the enemy they were facing was a ruthless one.


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