Billionaire God of War Chapter 2463

Chapter 2463

They were nothing but specks in the great river of fate. Struggle all they might, but fate would never allow them to go against their own destinies.

“Innocent?” Greedy Wolf snorted. “There are a lot of innocent people on this earth. You can’t possibly spare your pity for all of them. Look at us. Aside from the three of us, nobody from our generation survived.”

He added, “Even if they are innocent, they will still have to die sooner or later. It makes no difference.” He made it sound so simple as if he did not care about lives in the slightest. Greedy Wolf had seen through everything life had to offer, and even he didn’t think he necessarily had the privilege to live.

If death was the price to pay for his goals, then he would gladly pay it. As mentioned before, he was a maniac. He was someone who would do anything to reach his goals, even if it meant paying his life for it.

Not everyone could understand that level of insanity.

“You shouldn’t do this, Greedy Wolf.”

“What should I do then?” Greedy Wolf asked. “No matter what I do, the world will still spit on me. They will still curse me and my soul. Since that’s the case, why shouldn’t I do what I want and live how I want?” He laughed. It was a maniacal, crazy, and strangely mesmerizing laugh.

He stared at Celaine straight in the eye and asked, “Tell me then, what should I do?”

Celaine shook her head, for she had no answer to that as well. She knew the kind of person Greedy Wolf was. He had never changed even after all these years, nor would he start to change anytime soon.

“I want to change too, but do I even have that chance?” He laughed, but it was filled with mockery and sadness. “Even if I were to die, who would really care about me? You?”

“I shall help you.”

“Great. Then I shall accept your help.” Greedy Wolf said, “I need you to help me regain control of my own body.”

Celaine hesitated for a moment before she asked, “How am I supposed to help with that?”

“I wish to devour the Demon King’s soul.” Insanity flashed through Greedy Wolf’s eyes. He knew the Demon King’s soul was resilient. Full destruction of it was a nigh-impossible task, which would leave only one final resort: turning the soul into his own power by devouring it.

Celaine was shocked to hear his plan. “That’s impossible. The Demon King’s soul is too powerful. If you clash head-on with it, the plan could backfire on you.” She shook her head in disapproval. “This is nothing but a suicide mission.”

The Demon King’s soul had vastly changed compared to the time when he was in the Heavenly Palace. He was no longer in tatters, and now he had almost regained his full strength.

“Ethan injured him gravely, and he’s in a slumber. This is my only chance,” Greedy Wolf said. He was obsessed with the mission at hand, and he stepped up, staring at Celaine in the eye. “So, are you going to help me, or will you stay out of this?”

He continued, “If I don’t devour him, he will eventually devour me, and I will still die in the end. If death’s the only outcome no matter what I do, then I’d rather take my chances and fight on my own terms. Who knows, I might just come out victorious.”

Celaine could not understand why Greedy Wolf wanted to put his life on the line for an uncertain shot in the dark. “Don’t you have any other way to do this?”

“No, I do not.” He snorted. “I would have come up with it if I had any other ideas. It wouldn’t have turned out this way. I allowed him to take over my body so he would confront Ethan and hopefully get himself hurt. The plan worked, and it gave me the opening I needed. If I don’t do this now, once he wakes up and takes control again, I won’t have a next time to deal with him.”

The Demon King’s soul was still regenerating. Even if he didn’t manage to surpass himself, getting his power back up to a hundred percent would kill any chances of winning Greedy Wolf had, for the Demon King would wipe his soul out by that time.

Greedy Wolf did not want to die, much less in such an unsavory and unceremonious way. He would never allow anyone to take him over and wipe him out just like that.

Celaine was hesitating. She thought it was an insane plan even by his standards. He was toeing the line between life and death, and one false step could mean his total demise.

“I’ve never asked you for anything before. This is my first and probably the only time I’m asking for your help.”


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