Billionaire God of War Chapter 2464

Chapter 2464

There was a bitter smile hiding behind Greedy Wolf’s request, and it hurt Celaine to hear him sound so helpless.

They came from the same generation and had known each other since they were kids. That friendship lasted until this very day, so Celaine really felt sad seeing Greedy Wolf having to risk his life to get his own body back.

She knew nobody would help him if she didn’t. Greedy Wolf might hurt anyone and everyone, but he would never harm her. “How do you want me to help?” She looked at him.

“I need you to use Guidance. It can help me out here,” he said.

Guidance was Celaine’s unique skill, and she could control someone’s soul using it. Of course, it was something simple like pushing and pulling the soul, but that opening was enough to dictate the outcome of the battle between powerful fighters.

Broken Soldier, Greedy Wolf, Seven Kill, and Celaine had their own special skills. Celaine was born with Guidance, and it could not be learned, much like Greedy Wolf’s twin iris.

“Very well then, Greedy Wolf.” Celaine nodded. “But I will help you just this once. I do not wish to see your demise, nor do I wish to see you tread down this dark path.”

Greedy Wolf nodded. “I just want to live. That’s all. That’s all I wish for.”

It was as if he had aged ten years in an instant. Even his voice sounded raspy and cracked from the suffering he had gone through. He sounded tired of everything, and Celaine could do nothing but weep in silence for him.

She left with him in silence. The place Greedy Wolf was going was buried deep in the Underworld. It was abandoned, deserted, and perhaps the Demon King might not have seen the place before.

The Demon King’s soul had fallen into a slumber. Greedy Wolf would not let this chance slip. Even if the Demon King were to wake up, he would not be able to stop Greedy Wolf in time.

After his battle with Ethan, the Demon King was no longer Greedy Wolf’s match, nor could he wrest for control over the body.

Greedy Wolf and Celaine came to a great desert. There was nothing but sand as far as the eye could see. Grains of sand danced in the air happily, but the sand around the two fell abruptly to the ground, as if there was an invisible line there, stopping them from ever crossing it.

“What is this place?”

“The Ocean of Infinity,” Greedy Wolf said. “Well, it used to be an ocean in the past, but it has since dried up, and now it’s nothing more than a desert.”

“How do you know about this place?” The Underworld was a gigantic place, and Greedy Wolf wasn’t exactly a local of the area, so Celaine wondered how he stumbled upon it.

“By chance,” he answered curtly, but he didn’t elaborate further. There was no need for any explanation, after all.

He stepped over that invisible line, and the sandstorm engulfed him in the blink of an eye. Greedy Wolf waved his hand and shook the sands off him. It was as if he was protected by a glass dome, preventing the sands from coming closer to him.

This place used to be filled with water, but it was just a barren wasteland at the moment. The decay of life had always been a tragedy for humans.

Celaine followed him without saying anything, and just as expected, the sands could not get near her either. “How did an ocean turn into this?”

She shook her head in disbelief. “What on earth happened here anyway?” She could imagine how lively the place used to be, but it had turned into a dead zone. For some reason, the sight of the dancing sands made her feel like it was a huge grave, and even the air had the scent of a heavy sadness hanging to it.

“It does not matter. It has happened, and that book is closed. No one can change the past, so all we can do is work with the present. There is no need to even think about the future,” Greedy Wolf murmured as if he was talking to himself. He stared into the distance and activated his twin iris.

Naturally, the things he saw were different from what Celaine saw. Her sight was captivated by the sands, while the howling winds were all she could hear.

However, what Greedy Wolf saw were skeletons strewn everywhere in the desert. Some were buried under the sands, while some were exposed to the elements. Some had even broken down and flew away in all directions.

A grave, huh? You’re right, and this is not just any grave. It’s a mass grave


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