Billionaire God of War Chapter 2465

Chapter 2465

“Why did you bring me here? What is the purpose?” Celaine looked at Greedy Wolf.

She was being curious, for this place seemed like the furthest thing from where something filled with life would be hidden. Greedy Wolf wanted to live, and she wondered why he came to a dead place instead.

“I need you to cast Guidance and lead all the spirits here to me. Then, I want you to inject them into my body.” Greedy Wolf looked at her.

“Are you out of your mind?” Celaine shook her head. “You’re practically asking for death!”

Shock was written all over her face, and she started diving deep into the auras that lingered within the sandstorm. It was then she realized that there were spirits hidden in it, and there was a lot of it as well.

Even injecting a spirit or two into Greedy Wolf would kill him at a quicker rate, let alone shoving all the spirits into him. She shook her head, for she could never possibly agree to this plan. “You won’t be able to get out of this alive if you go through with this. This is madness. I will not help you with this.”

She wanted to leave right away, for this plan was not in any way saving Greedy Wolf’s life.

“I know full well what I’m signing up for, and even if I’d die, I want to die on my terms, which is by your hands.” Greedy Wolf said, “Please, Celaine, help me.”

Celaine stopped in her tracks and looked at him. “Do you have any idea how dangerous this is? The Demon King’s soul now shares a body with you. If you open your body to any more spirits, you will break down.”

There was only one outcome left for Greedy Wolf if he chose that route, and that was death. He must be crazy if he thinks he can survive the ordeal. He’s mad. He has to be. Nobody would do this by their own volition.

“You do not understand.” Greedy Wolf smiled bitterly. “If the Demon King were to take total control of my body, the whole world is going to fall with me. Ethan should have told you about it.”

Celaine said nothing to that. Ethan actually did tell her that, and she knew what was at stake. That was why she was in a dilemma. She did not want to see the world lying in ruins, but she did not want to see Greedy Wolf die either.

“It’s a deadly plan, I know. If it works, I will survive, and the Demon King’s soul will be wiped out. If it doesn’t, the Demon King and I will both perish, and the world will be safe. It’s a great plan, no?” He smiled at Celaine. “I’m fine with dying if you’re the one who’s going to deal the final blow.”

Celaine teared up. She could not understand why Greedy Wolf had to do it. If he had chosen another path from the start, he wouldn’t have had to do this. However, she knew he wouldn’t do that. Greedy Wolf would never do something he would live to regret.

“Are you really sure you want to do this?”

“I am.” He nodded. “And you’re the only one who can help me, Celaine.”

Greedy Wolf looked calm as if he did not care even if he would die in the end. That was how he was—a madman until the very end. He was a madman who had no fear for even death, the most primordial fear any living being would have.

Celaine went up to him, her eyes filled with resolve. “You must live.”

She took a deep breath and said nothing else.

Greedy Wolf smiled and gave her a nod before he went to prepare himself for the ritual.

There were countless spirits lingering within the sandstorm. They were roaring with rage, struggling to break free of their chains, baring their fangs at anyone who could see them. It was a terrifying sight, but Greedy Wolf was smiling as if he had everything under control.

He was not afraid, for a person who was not daunted by even death would have nothing else to fear. “We’re starting soon,” he said.

He sat down cross-legged, facing the sandstorm. The sands could not touch him, but the winds blew upon his hair, making them billowed in the storm. All of a sudden, he released his Qi and created a strong vortex that attracted any spirits that were lingering around.

“Come!” he roared.

Celaine was standing right before him. She opened her arms, and an invisible ripple slowly spread around her.

Space itself started to shiver, and the spirits within the sandstorm—as if on cue—drifted aggressively toward Greedy Wolf. It was as if he had become a vessel, and all the spirits wanted to secure a spot within him.

It was an insane plan. It was a terrifying plan, but yet, Greedy Wolf looked fearlessly at the spirits that were charging toward him. A hint of madness welled up within his eyes, and he roared, “Come, ye misguided spirits!”


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